Art Therapy for Children

Does your child need help?

Does your child act out and become really angry or upset when things don’t go their way?

Does your child get really quiet and disconnected when they feel overwhelmed?

Does your child worry about school or friends and your not sure if it is normal?

Is it a battle to get your child to do homework or chores and you’ve had enough?

Are you tired of worrying and hoping they will grow out of it, but things still stay the same?

Your child needs some new tools and coping skills to help them with their feelings and behaviors so your family can spend more time and energy doing things that you all enjoy.

We can help!

The Benefits of our Comprehensive Family Support System:

Reduces negative behaviors of acting out or shutting down, by teaching tools to be successful in the classroom, at home, and with peers.

Helps children find positive ways to manage their feelings (such as anxiety, anger, grief), so your child can learn how to cope with stress and feel more self-confident.

Uses a child’s inherent creativity to find solutions to the problems they are encountering, without medications and therapy diagnoses.


Effective communication skills, so you won’t resort to yelling as a way to be heard,

Creative problem solving, so your child doesn’t give up when they encounter a problem,

Positive relationships, so your child can easily cope with frustrations and communicate better whether it’s school related, friend related, with siblings or with you.

Behavior management skills, so your child learns new skills instead of yelling, hitting, whining, tantrums, or pouting to get their needs met.

A positive sense of self-esteem. As your child learn to positively get their needs met they feel happier, more confident, and they will continue to use these skills as life long tools.


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