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This 7 Part Audio Program will help you find positive ways to communicate with your children and family, so you don’t have to keep repeating, nagging, blaming, or arguing to get your child (and spouse) to do what you ask.

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Step 1: Make your relationship with your child a priority – MP3

Step 2: Understanding and validating your child’s point of view – MP3

Step 3: Cultivating respect in your relationship – MP3

Step 4: Help your child shift behaviors with this simple tool – MP3

Step 5: Change communication patterns from reactivity to positive effective communication with this strategy your child can use at home, in school, with siblings and peers – MP3

Step 6: Support vs. Rescue: What’s the difference and why it matters – MP3

Step 7: Contracting for success- how to make agreements that encourage personal accountability and responsibility – MP3

Enjoy the Audio Program and if you need additional support, I am here to help! You can schedule a Complimentary Support Session by clicking here.

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Dr. Laura JJ Dessauer, EdD,ATR-BC,LCAT

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