The divine feminine whispers to you, are you ready to heed the call?

February 23rd, 2011

Nurturing, honoring, connection, support, trust, creativity, intuition, support, these are some of the words that resonate the divine feminine. A glorious shift from the driven, linear model of divine masculinity that drives actions forward to accomplish, achieve, pursue.

How much we are influenced by the masculine in day-to-day life (especially in the US culture) and in business. There is a whisper of change, that the tides are turning back to the divine feminine, rooted in connection and flow. The stirrings are in the air, and we can see the emergence of this shift as outcries for peace sound across the globe. We are in the midst of tremendous transformations and as healers and helpers, our natural resonance is much more in unity with the divine feminine.

So how can you welcome in the divine feminine into your business so you can create deeper connections with your clients, honor the value you bring to those you work with and receive the gifts of payments aligned with your divine brilliance, and how can you show up fully aligned with the goddess within and powerfully translate this into your business?

Here’s some divine wisdom (whispered to me from my own divine feminine wellspring) on how to stand fully in your divine feminine power in your business:

Divine Feminine Gift: Be open to receiving-

There is much beauty and joy to be had and it is sent your way in the form of potential clients every day. How do you heed this whisper? Do you listen with open ears and open eyes to the gifts being set your way? Do you see what appears before you as an opportunity to be of service and to show up as a powerful healer that you are? Do you turn away from opportunities because of your own fears and inadequacies?

Dear one, you are a beautiful expression of the divine light and you are here to be of service, this is why your presence has graced the earth, this is why you have sought out your education and spent years immersed in your studies. As you have experienced much pain on this earth, and you have been hurt to the core, and choose to heal, again and again to surrender to the knowing of the divine spirit within you and bring this message forward to others.

In your heart you know the truth, it is your truth, it is the divine truth that there is only this one moment and in this one moment there is only love. You, dear one, know this as your truth. And in this moment is the opportunity to move from fear into the divine light of being and spread those glorious wings wide open with love and show up in full service to your fellow man (woman). It is this simple, and yet so powerfully complex.

As you step closer to your divinity what you’ll see are opportunities that will open to you, as you embrace your divine gifts with a loving open heart, you will notice all of those moments when there is a meeting of opportunities, a convergence, where you are put in the place to be the healer, and to wake up to this moment by being of service.

It does not serve you to hide in your fears, because in these fears you are not sharing these divine gifts you have been graced with.

You are put on this earth, in this moment in time to show up completely – in a place of love, and from this place of love you are to shine this to your fellow man, so he too can open his heart and step into his divinity.

Go now and ask how you can be of service, go now and show up openhearted and bared to your raw truth, that you embody the divine, and as you open to this you welcome your fellow man to open to this divinity within. Nothing to hide from or fear, nothing to shrink away from, nothing but full glorious acceptance of what has been rightfully imprinted on your soul.

You can choose how this shows up for you in your life, you can choose, how brilliant you desire to shine your light, you can choose the vehicle or the path to express this, however, you cannot, cannot, cannot chose to NOT express this, for this is your divine truth and it flows from you for all to witness, for all to celebrate, for all to step into your stream of divine being of light and drink from this swelling of life that is sprung from the divine source, which cannot help but flow through you. So the message for you, is to decide not if you will bring this message forward, but how you will bring forth this light, how you will shine this brilliance.

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