Telesummit 101: How to authentically build your list and add more income to your business NOW

Attention: Healers, Helpers, Therapists, and Coaches are you finally ready to boldly step forward in your business and authentically reach those clients whom are waiting for you to help them transform their lives?

Of course you are, so let’s talk about the HOW!

photo by Rob Ortho

photo by Rob Ortho

Okay, we healers, helpers, and coaches are ready to let our brilliance shine and help many more people create profitable businesses they love working in!Here’s the problem- if you have a WIMPY list then it’s going to take a lot longer to reach all the clients you desire to serve, and create the income you deserve. So I thought I would share my experience and teach you all the “how to’s” so you too can build your list and make money quickly, and establish yourself as the EXPERT!

Just a few months ago I was pretty clueless about doing a telesummit. I knew I needed to build my list quickly, and get my name out there (and I needed to generate some quick income too), but I didn’t know how.  You see, I went from a list of 60 people, including my family members, friends, and VA team, to a list of over 880 people, all in one weekend! So how did I get over 800 strangers to say yes to my offerings and sign up to be a part of my list? I hosted a telesummit- the  Therapist Resource Telesummit! (click here to view)

Why a telesummit?

Not only did I quickly build my list and credibility, I also positioned myself as authority and made over $27,000 (and the money is still coming in)!!

You see if you do teleseminars you may make money and start to build your credibility SLOWLY. Instead, Telesummits draw together a handful of other experts who promote the telesummit event and help you quickly build your list and your credibility too. It’s powerful, fast, and it works!!

It’s one of things that you hear about, and think, “yeah- okay, that works for you…” What I know for sure is if an unknown “Creativity Queen” can establish her expertise in one weekend and make a yummy amount of money- then anyone can do this too!

What I want you to understand is that I only started my business in October, so within a very short period of time I was able to create a big impact, and a big income, using the telesummit to successfully launch my business and create 5-figure months!

So how did I do it?

Lots of learning on the fly and trying to figure it out as I implemented. Believe me I made a bunch of mistakes, and also learned so much in the process.

I want to share you what I learned because the results I got were outstanding, if you want to go from a “unknown” to an expert asap, and you want to make $1000’s of dollars too!

I’m going to break the whole process down, so it is easy (and fun), and so you don’t have to waste all the time and money figuring it out by trying to piece together what works- instead you can just get busy!

Introducing Telesummit 101: How to make $1,000’s of dollars and get 100’s of people on your list- Virtual Workshop *of course results may vary, but I’ll give you the exact templates I used!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Step-by-step what to do so you have all the tools to host an event that will quickly build your credibility, list, and bank account too
  • How to identify speakers who will bring lots of people to the calls and what you need to say and do to ensure that the speakers invited actually bring people to the call
  • How you can make money off of a FREE event
  • How to easily maximize the event to upsell your platinum program, so you create a bigger payout for your efforts
  • How you can create a product effortlessly from this event, so you can keep having sales long after the telesummit date
  • All the technological details you’ll need to know- from what technology to use for the event, to fulfillment house resources; so you have a easy template to hand to your VA and they know exactly what to do, and in what order
  • What support you need to make this happen, so you are not burnt out trying to get all the details in order and connect with all the customer related issues
  • What to do when the unthinkable happens, like when my speaker didn’t show up- two times!! Yes, there’s a way to handle it that makes you look like a champ
  • What mistakes I made that I would absolutely do differently next time. Knowing this would have made the whole process so much easier- oh well, live and learn!
  • How I almost lost $1000’s of dollars:( and my team did NOT pick up on this HUGE error!!

Bonus!! Yes, we love bonuses!

You also get the following:

  • All of the templates of my copy!! OH MY! You get everything from my website copy, to the autoresponder copy, to the broadcasts, and the follow-up broadcasts!
  • All the affiliate copy too. So you’ll get my emails requesting the speakers to join the telesummit, the promotional requirements, affiliate payment information, the broadcast copy they sent to their lists, and even tweets-you get EVERYTHING!!!! All you have to do is hand it over to your VA to quickly implement. Easy and simple, we all love that!
  • You get my 3-month implementation plan in calendar form. You’ll have a sample calendar you can easily modify with your telesummit “to do’s” and it’s all in order. So all the sequencing and timing guess work is removed, you get a clear and concise schedule of all the steps necessary to implement your telesummit.
  • Plus, you get all of this on digital MP3’s you can download and complete word-for-word transcription of the whole program you can refer to again and again.

During the Virtual Workshop I will walk you through the whole 3-month sequence and you’ll learn all of the steps necessary for you to launch your wildly successful telesummit, so you are ready to implement right away!

Yes, I know the return on investment you will get when you implement your telesummit. Not only will you launch your business quickly, and create instant income, you’ll establish your business as an authority- and that alone is well worth the investment of this program!

Yes, Laura Sign me up!

guaranteePlus you get my irresistible, no-brainer guarantee. Commit to the program and strategies I’ll teach you and if at the end of the virtual workshop you believe you truly do not have a clear implementation plan detailing specific steps to create a successful telesummit, just let me know and I’ll refund your money out of my own pocket, it’s that simple. It’s my intention to be of service and offer tremendous value to those I work with. I am here to empower you with information so you can easily transform your business. You can figure it all out on your own (and spend 1,000’s of dollars like I did to learn it all), but wouldn’t you rather spend that time implementing your telesummit – quickly growing your list, creating lots of money, and leveraging your expertise?! Of course you would!

Choose your payment option:

Full Pay Option $497- SAVE almost $200!

2- Pay Option $347 (30 days apart)

Remember implementation = success. So buckle your seat belt and get ready to create BIG success in your business!