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Do you argue over homework?

May 21st, 2012

If you and your child were fighting recently it’s likely that you were arguing about homework. It breaks my heart to hear about how homework power struggles damage a parent and child’s relationship- and how children lie, manipulate, shutdown, yell, and procrastinate over homework. The impacts to their self-esteem and your relationship are long lasting.

The truth is homework time does not need to be a battle-ground, and you can help set your child up for life-long success if you teach them how to positively communicate, and ask for support to get their needs met…

…and you don’t need to yell, threaten, lose your cool, or dread the volatile homework hour either.

Your child is amazing, smart, creative, and you can help them be successful in school and in their lives with some extra support.

Want to learn some encouraging tools to help your child manage homework headaches and worries and return peace to your home?

Join me on Tuesday, May 22nd for the International Parents & Professionals Community (IPPC) Support Call “Stop Homework Power Struggles: Step to minimize the homework battles and make homework time peaceful” * Don’t worry if you can’t make the call, you’ll have access to the audio recording you can listen to anytime 24/7!

On this call I’ll share:

  • Ugh, why is my child procrastinating when they could just get their homework done? You learn why some kids struggle and what you need to know to ensure you are setting your child up for success
  • By shifting this one thing you will make homework time less stressful and chaotic for everyone in your home
  • How to make homework time head-ache free with these 4 simple tips
  • Are you overcompensating for your child? I’ll share with you how you can help support your child without rescuing them, so they learn responsibility
  • Creative strategies to help you stay in your parenting authority when your child is pushing all your buttons
  • I’ll share with you the homework life saving tip that will help you keep your sanity! This alone is worth your IPPC membership
  • You’ll leave this call with lots of practical tools you can apply immediately to make the end of the school year the best one yet!


This call and audio recording is F-R-E-E for IPPC Members. This exciting International Parents and Professional Community is surprisingly affordable and includes monthly parent & professional support calls, guest faculty calls with parenting and family experts, quarterly Q&A calls, instant access 24/7 to support resources, and a supportive, non-judgmental & downright awesome community of parents & professionals…all for just a few pennies per day. Click here now for all of the exciting details


I would love to share with you tools and strategies to support your child so they can feel happier and more confident, and end homework battles for good!