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You Get a Do-Over

June 7th, 2012

It came up during a conversation with a friend that we just weren’t given the tools as children to navigate all of the depths of this life. Seems like we missed out on self-love and compassion 101. Sucky. So I decided I get as many do-over’s as I please. Yup, a do-over.

Remember when you played a game with a really understanding friend or adult and you called a do-over. You missed the mark (again and again), swung that bat 10 times and finally hit the ball. Well guess what, as adults we get to give ourselves as many as we want. As a wise woman (or man too) you get to connect with your inner creativity queen to do-over what’s not working or what’s not feeling right.

Got into an argument with your spouse? Go make smoochy -face, apologize for your part and create a do-over.

Being nagging with your child? Own it and model a do-over and ask for what you want in a more respectful way.

Critical of yourself (ate the ice cream, forgot the commitment..oh well) ? Acknowledge your humanness, and give yourself a loving break.

Need some creative inspiration? Use your creativity and make images or words (with collage, markers, colored pencils, pastels, or paint) of things you’d like to do-over. Through this process let go of the behaviors and thoughts that do not serve you and connect with what you’d like to welcome in instead. Lovingly release anything that feels icky and sticky with kindness and compassion.

Looking to connect with self-love and self-compassion and your inner goodness?