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Challenging Kids, Stuck Families, Difficult Cases: Creative Support for Child Quandaries

March 25th, 2013


Join the International Parents & Professionals Community (IPPC) monthly Support Call Tuesday, March 26th. Dr. Laura will be speaking on the topic “Challenging Kids, Stuck Families, Difficult Cases: Creative Support for Child Quandaries”

There are times when both parents and professionals are at a loss of what to do to help a child. Perhaps you’ve experienced this: a child that is withdrawing and you’re worried they are cutting, the kid who gets bullied and retreats into video games, the teen you tiptoe around because one word will set them off, the child who comes into your office and refuses to speak, or the child who has an explosive temper and nothing seems to help them when they are mad?

You may be worried about your child, a child in your classroom, or a family in your practice, and you are feeling totally at a loss on how to best help them. You may feel like things are stuck, getting worse, or you’re just out of ideas.

Even the most seasoned professional gets stuck, and even the most patient parent feels at a loss. We are just so human and sometimes when the problem is so close to us we can’t see the alternatives.

So the CQ decided to create a unique call to address these child quandaries.

On this call we will explore:

  • The reasons why children shutdown, act out, tantrum, and meltdown.
  • How to create support strategies and interventions that will engage challenging children
  • What are your stuck areas or hot buttons? How you can identify and transform these personal/professional triggers so you are more open and present with children during difficult experiences.
  • Creative tools and strategies influenced by art therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and positive psychology to help children self-regulate
  • Plus, attend this call live and share your child quandaries (as a parent or as professional) and receive support and feedback!

Don’t miss this unique call that will support you where you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, with strategies specific to your situation, so you can help those kids so in need. This call alone could transform a child’s life! Click here to find out more