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Back to school without meltdowns, tantrums or shutdowns

August 27th, 2013


back to schoolJoin the International Parents & Professionals Community (IPPC). Our monthly Parent & Professional Support Call is Tuesday, August 27th. Topic: “Back to school without meltdowns, tantrums or shutdowns”.


Does your child have anxiety or worry in social situations or with new experiences,

Do they have a difficult time transitioning and separating,

Does homework becomes a struggle as the school year progresses?

If so, then back to school can be a very difficult time.


Are you at a loss with helping families struggling with school issues,

Do you need some more tools in your toolbox to help families with school problems,

Do you want some creative cognitive behavioral strategies to help children shift their behavior and thinking so they can be successful at school?

If so, this is a must attend call.

On this members only call Dr. Laura Dessauer will share with you creative tips and practical strategies to help your child have a successful school year from the very start.

On this call you will learn:

  • Common struggles that prevent children from having a successful school year
  • How you can help children shift their thoughts about school and change their resistant behaviors towards schoolwork
  • Creative ways to engage your child, or the children you work with so they are feeling more empowered to manage the stress and worries of school and peer relationships
  • Plus some practical strategies you can use right now to start the school year off in a positive way

Whether your child is attending a new school, moving up into middle school or high school, or returning back to their old school, you will find this call filled with valuable information to help your child have their best year yet.

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Is your child bright, but lazy?

April 23rd, 2013


Join the International Parents & Professionals Community (IPPC) monthly Support Call Tuesday, April 23rd. Dr. Laura will be speaking on the topic “Bright, but Lazy? Tools to help children succeed in school when it appears like they don’t care”

It is almost the end of the school year and for many children this is a very stressful time of the year. You may have opened up the grades from your child’s report card this quarter, and you were shocked. Maybe you thought they were doing fine, but found out they are struggling or they have been missing lots of homework. Perhaps you are a professional working with children and families struggling to help their bright child; they’ve tried everything to help and it seems like their child just doesn’t care or they are just “lazy”.

Please do not wait until the end of the year to get your child the help they need! Join us on this support call detailing steps you can take to help your struggling child succeed.

On this call you’ll identify:

  • Indicators that your child or the children you work with are in need of support ASAP
  • Quick action steps you can take to help your child get back on track with their academics
  • Signs that signal the need for more support, and what you can do to ensure that your child receives the support they need
  • Concrete plan of action to help your work with the school and address your concerns
  • Underlying concerns that may be impacting your child’s success and how to create interventions that address these issues
  • Options and alternatives to help your bright child be a motivated and successful life-long learner
  • Plus, you’ll leave with creative art and cognitive behavioral strategies to help children who become easily “stuck” and “overwhelmed”

If you have a child who is struggling with academics or your know of a children who is having a difficult time it is imperative that you join this support call! Click here to find out more


Ease back to school anxiety

August 23rd, 2012

As a parent or professional you can’t help but hear these words everywhere you turn- It’s back to school time. It’s everywhere, from the ads with dancing kids in their new school clothes to the reminders to pick up school supplies. If you’re a child who likes learning or likes going to school, then it’s an exciting time of year. For other children who struggle with academics, worry about “mean kids”, or easily get overwhelmed and stressed, it can be a very difficult time of the year.

There are so many feelings associated with this time of the year: excitement (about seeing friends) worry, (will the new teacher be “nice”), fear (will I have to sit next to the boy who picks on me again this year), dread (I heard that you get lots of hard homework in 4th grade, what if I can’t do it).

So if your child starts to change their behaviors as they head back to school, realize they may have a difficult time expressing their worry, anxiety excitement, and fear.

Here are 3 creative ways you can help your child positively express their back to school anxiety:

  1. Get artistic with the worries: Recycle an old book or get a blank journal to make an art journal. Use magazines and make a collage cover for the book. Cut out words and images of all the back to school worries, everything from anxiety about “mean kids” to worries about where you’ll sit during lunch time. Glue the images or use decoupage (or cover with clear contact paper). Acknowledge your child’s feelings. Now flip the book over and on the back cover. On the back cover use magazines and words of all the positive exciting things about going back to school, such as seeing friends, art class, recess, etc. Again glue the images or cover with decoupage or clear contact paper. Use this book throughout the year to write down or draw feelings and thoughts. For stressful thoughts and worries flip to the front cover and start filling in the book, for positive thoughts and good things, flip to the back cover and fill in the pages. (It’ s two books in one). If you are using a recycled book with words, paint over the pages with acrylic paint or use artist gesso and add images and words to the painted pages.
  2. Get playful with the worries: Create dioramas of school. Do you remember dioramas? They are miniature models. Use a shoebox, or cardboard box and create a small version of a school or classroom. Furnish it with mini chairs, desks, teacher and students made from modeling clay or other modeling materials. Your child can play out their feelings in this miniature world.
  3. Get expressive with the worries: Do you have a kid who loves to perform? Channel that creative energy into creating a back to school TV show. Use your video camera and film your child play-acting the teacher and/or students. Use props or costumes and have your child come up with a few characters to solve a problem they encounter. This can be reflective of a real life situation, or they can use their imagination.

Need some more tools in your toolbox to help your kids with back to school worries & stress? Join us next week for the International Parents & Professionals Community Members Only Call “Raising Confident Children Through Mediation” with Guest Expert Heather Chauvin. Learn more here


How to make back to school freak out free

August 8th, 2012

The count down to back to school has arrived and this time of the year can easily become overwhelming for parents and children alike. For some children transitions are really difficult; plus feelings of excitement/nervousness can easily lead to power struggles, meltdowns, shutdowns or freak-outs! If your child is at a new school, or is transitioning into a grade with more responsibility, or they have a new teacher, it can be a very stressful time (especially for children with poor coping skills). Get into the back to school swing with these sanity saving tips.

Here are 5 ways to make back to school freak out free:


  1. Get into the rhythm of the school year- Start to shift bedtimes and morning wake-up times a bit earlier so the first week of school isn’t a battle to get your kiddo up or to bed.
  2. Schedule time for summer schoolwork- I know most kids will be so very upset about the idea of schoolwork during the summertime! Likely there are things that they need to complete for summer, before heading back to school; and if they have no summer schoolwork you can assign reading (or visit your local tutoring company to get a jump on the year ahead).  Use positive rewards, such as earning computer/electronic time AFTER they complete the work requested.
  3. Channel their excitement into action- Start collecting back to school items, purchase new school clothes, and have your child pick-out their own binders and backpacks.
  4. Get creative- Customize backpacks, binders, and folders with unique designs. Head to the art store and pick up cools supplies to customize their back to school stuff. Use fabric paints, stencils, sew on patches, or add other flair to backpacks. Start with blank folders and binders and add scrap-booking elements, or create cool original designs with colored duck tape and sharpies.
  5. Express the fears, worries and anxieties of back to school through art- Many well intentioned parents and adults will try talk a child out of their worries. Your child may express their fears and you may begin to lecture, minimize, or rationalize why these feelings are not true. Instead of quickly reacting to your child with reasons why their fears are unjustified allow them an opportunity to express these worries through art. Create a school worry box, journal, or use paper to draw, write, or play out all the things your child may be worried about.  Allow your child an opportunity to express their worriers and concerns without censoring their thoughts and feelings.

Here’s a bonus tip- Take care of yourself during back to school time. Your child will pick-up on your worries and stress about their upcoming school year. So take the time to nourish yourself and BREATHE!

You can learn some cool tools to help your child and yourself become more calm, focused, and relaxed in our upcoming International Parents & Professionals Community Members Only Call “Raising Confident Children Through Mediation” with Guest Expert Heather Chauvin.  Click here to learn more

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