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How to help your child (and yourself) when problems arise

July 21st, 2011

I had an amazing and inspiring story told to me and I wanted to share it with you. If you have ever experienced a challenge or a setback you may have found yourself overwhelmed and confused. As a parent if you have seen your child encounter an obstacle you may have watched as they fell part emotionally trying to figure it out. We all deal with things in a different way; there is no right (or wrong) way to feel when we encounter adversity, however we have a choice what to do in these situations. A mom I know shared with me her daughter’s story and they gave me permission to share it with you.

The mom noted her daughter, “had a huge bombshell yesterday morning, and will be resolving the issue over the next week.  The college she was attending didn’t announce which majors they were dropping until yesterday, and she found out that hers is being dropped.  She would have 2 years to complete it, but that can’t be done.  She had it all mapped out already, and knows that she needs 5 semesters.  At first she was pretty upset, but she rebounded quickly.  Her choice is changing her major or transferring.  There are less than 100 schools that offer the major in the country, and all would be quite costly.  Within a few hours she found a related major that should work with what she already has taken, and will let her pursue the same field.  Her last comment was that maybe it will actually open more doors that I don’t even know about yet”.  The mom remarked, “I was amazed at the resiliency she had, because she has been so focused in her studies”!

What can we all learn from this remarkable story of graceful resilience? That we all encounter obstacles in life and we are the ones who choose what we decide to do with our experiences. As parents you can allow your child to learn and grow from their experiences. Protecting them from scrapes and tears will not serve them in the long run and sometimes adversity shows us just how remarkable we truly are!