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Stop morning tantrums: How to make your morning routine easier

June 29th, 2011

No matter what age your child is, they may become easily upset and overwhelmed in the morning, leading to tantrums and meltdowns. These tips will help your child have a tantrum-free morning routine.

Create a schedule and post it on a whiteboard. Children respond better when there is consistency and they know what to expect, and a daily routine streamlines the morning schedule. Let your child be really creative and decorate the whiteboard, they will feel more invested in the schedule and will enjoy the creative process.

Plan for the day ahead the night before. Picking out clothes, checking to ensure homework is done and in your child’s book bag, making lunches the night before will help reduce morning chaos.
Serve a breakfast with protein in the morning. It feeds the brain (which helps your child to think) and prevents sugar crashes from not so healthy sugar-based breakfasts.

Let your younger child color at the table while waiting for breakfast. Coloring will help your child regulate their mood and calm them as they wait, and creates a soothing effect (and is much healthier than putting them in front of the TV).

Always allow extra time. Rather than rushing out the door at the last minute and feeling stressed, plan to leave 15 minutes early. Your child will feel less rushed and less stressed, which is often what leads to morning tantrums and meltdowns.

Lovingly check-in with your spouse and child and make time to connect with them. They will feel heard and validated, and it will help reduce stress.

Psychology degree online programs are an option for those of you who want to learn more about helping families (including your own family) to have happy, productive days. It is always helpful to read and talk with each other as much as possible to share child-raising tips and ideas.

Enjoy these tips to help you have a tantrum-free morning and make your morning routine easier for everyone!

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