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It’s all about love, baby!

January 26th, 2011

Love, amore, honey bunch, cutie pie…love is in the air! So, are you showing your money some loving? Hmmm.

If you are have a bitter relationship with your money or you are just not feeling the money LOVE, it’s time to change your relationship with money so you can welcome more of it into your life. I want to offer you some creative tools and strategies to help money fall head over heels in love with you, so it keeps flowing gracefully into your life.

So let’s get a little creative here with a visualization exercise.

Imagine money coming to you joyously and easily. Right, you open the mail and there is an unexpected check, you check your messages and a client you haven’t spoken with in a while wants to come in this week, your about to do some laundry and find some unexpected money in your pocket.. it just keeps showing up! Yippeee! Feel the expansive energy around this, it feels easy and effortless- and oh so joyous!

Now imagine you open the mail, there is an unexpected bill, and you think, “not again”. You get into your car and the engine light comes on, and you feel a tightness in your chest. A client calls and cancels for later that week. You check your bank balance, and it’s below your comfort zone. You start to feel constricted, it feels tight, and restricted and fearful.

So let me ask you a question, out of these two scenarios, where to you focus most of your time and energy?

Are you spending more time in money chaos land, where you are focusing on all the lack and fear of not having enough?

Are you living mostly in the land of money ease and grace, where you see around you all of the ways money flows into your life?

Here’s the gift– money is exactly like a child. Think about your child, or a child you know. When you pay attention and lavish them with love and nurturance, (for the most part) they are pretty content with the connection and feeling paid attention to.

Now think about what happens when your child comes up to you and you’ve got you hands full with dinner, your on the phone, and they can’t get your attention? Off they go into another room, frustrated. A few minutes later you hear your other child scream because, “she hit me”, or “he took my toy”. Whhhaaaahh! Total melt-down!

Why, because you weren’t paying attention.

Money, too likes attention, and either you are going to pay it attention with love and nurturance, or you are going to pay it attention with frustration and struggle.

So how do you show your money some LOVIN’ to keep it well behaved?

If you are spending more time balancing your checkbook and wondering where your money has gone, then it’s time to shift to some positive supportive money habits.

Here’s one you can start today. Track every bit of money that comes to you. Every rebate check, every dime you find in a pocket, every penny that flows to you and your family (this means for both you and your spouse too). Everything, Everyday.

Don’t separate his and hers, or negate a small amount of money, or say “I didn’t earn it”. Count it all- every day!

You’ll start to notice how much money flows to you. Pretty doggone remarkable. Then as you track it on a monthly basis you’ll see how much comes into your household over time (and where there are lulls, so you are not a victim when there are slower times).

You’ll also start to notice the average amount of money that comes to you over several months, so you can increase that amount. In fact, there is a very specific formula to increasing the amount of money that flows to you. I share with you exactly what that is, and you can access it for F-R-E-E as part of your IATPP membership benefits. Join now and save $100 off your annual membership dues and your money will LOOOVEE you EVEN MORE! Click here