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Where do you invest in marketing for your business?

April 5th, 2010

If you are looking to market your therapy practice you have to make some choices about where you spend your time, and essentially your money too. When faced with limitless options of advertising via print and web, it makes sense to get very clear on what activities will create the “biggest return on your investment”.

Too often I hear therapists spending countless hours and dollars on creating fancy brochures or taking out an ad in local magazines, then seeing very few clients walk into their doors from their investments.

So ask yourself before you get busy with your facebook fan page or invest in glossy brochures, who are the people you are looking to connect with, what do they need help with, how can you serve them, and will this activity help to connect you with those who are looking for your services?

With these simple questions you’ll know exactly where to invest your time to be of greater service to those in need.