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What makes your heart sing?

February 8th, 2011

I wonder some days, why we as humans wake up, ready for more?

Are we just hardwired for continual cycle of wake and sleep?

Do we unconsciously rise out of bed in the morning with optimism, that today is the day?

Maybe it’s like giving birth, and we forget the trauma or the tedium of the prior day?

I hope in the moments of the day you find times to soften, allowing the slant of sunlight to grace your face,

feeling a tingling sense in your knees that you are right on track,

seeing your dog rambling across the open vista of the park galloping in full enthusiasm,

or rubbing socks under a mass of covers on a cold winter night.

These moments, small and fleeting, so brilliantly sign the song of my soul.

What song are you singing today?