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Thanksgiving Crafts for Children: Creative Ways to Celebrate

November 23rd, 2011

Thanksgiving day is a special time to encourage your child to celebrate all the blessings they have in their lives. Here are six creative ideas to involve your child in preparing and creating special crafts and mementos for the day:
1. Have your child create individualized place mats for each guest. This can be a painted image, drawing, or collage using magazine images or even old greeting cards to capture what is unique about each guest. Laminate these images to use as functional place mats.

2. Bake cupcakes and have your child decorate each cupcake with what they are thankful for about that guest and embellish the cupcakes with these words or images. Use edible customized images from photos made at your bakery or 3D sugar embellishments.

3. Have your child create a thanksgiving centerpiece representing each person who is part of the family. You can start with a tall large vase filled with rocks, fruit, or glass and add wooden dowels with photos of each family member attached to the dowels, or 3D embellishments found at a craft store representing something unique about each family member. You can fill this in with flowers and foliage if you desire.

4.  Visit the craft store and have your child pick out a small papier mache box or wood box for each guest. Use markers, paint and glitter and decorate each box, inside and out. Ask your child what’s special about each guest and write their words on slips of paper and add them to the box. Ask each guest to open the box and share their favorite with the table.

5. Take the family video recorder or flip camera and make a video of your child. Interview your children on what makes each extended family member unique and special and create a documentary of gratitude. Purchase plastic DVD boxes and cut out paper to fit the DVD case and ask your child to decorate each case with thanksgiving images. Burn the movie onto disk and give each guest their own personalized copy

6. Turn your cranberry sauce from the can into Tom the turkey. Get some big feathers from the crafts store and have your child decorate the sauce, then add a popsicle stick with a turkey head image into the other end and you have an instant cranberry turkey.

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