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What's your story?

January 11th, 2010

As I move my business from the safety and comfort of my therapy office to a more visible business I have discovered some really remarkable things about myself. I’ve found my story keeps popping up- the belief system that keeps me playing small out of fear that I’m not adequate, that I don’t know enough.

It’s remarkable that stories we’ve adopted in our lives emerge especially when we are making steps outside of our comfort zone (all those things we do to keep the fear at bay). My story has threaded my life and at times I’ve believed it, at times I fought hard against it, at times I’ve surrendered and allowed it to take over, at times I’ve been dismissive and disregarded it.

I feel a shift as it appears these days. I’m too far from the story to retreat back to its safety. I also feel the fight against it is over, it serves only to keep me engaged with the beliefs that truly no longer serve me. So what to do with this story, this aspect of myself that is clinging on for dear life, fearful I will leave it behind?

Today I choose to hear it, to see it, and to understanding its motives to keep me safe. I lovingly and gently allow this story to “speak its peace” and I nod understandingly, like a parent to their child.

Yes, I have created this story and I honor that it served me at one time. I hold the story and compassionately detach from it. For in each moment I have a choice, to move back into the past story or step forward into the unknown and create the new story. I am choosing to step forward.

So what is your story and what does it keep you from doing?


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