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Client Connection Tip- What do your clients really want?

March 11th, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you create programs that meet your client’s needs.

What Your Clients Want

You  may have an idea of what you believe your clients want, but that may not actually be what they want. Most therapists are given the gift of seeing clearly where others need support, however if your clients are looking for support in other areas you may be missing an opportunity to serve them. So how do you find out what they really want?

You can ask and listen.

Survey your clients, interview your clients, interview potential clients, have them fill out self-reports, talk with referral resources, use community  talks as an opportunity to learn more about your client’s problems and what support they are seeking.

Simple strategies, however, you may be surprised at what you find, and you’ll also learn new ways you can create programs to support their needs!


Client Connection Tip- what's your expertise?

March 9th, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you establish yourself as the ‘go to person” when a problem arises-


It is necessary not only to help strengthen your clinical skills, but to help your clients recognize how you can help them. If you are a generalist, you do a disservice to those clients who are seeking someone with specialized skills.  Most therapist do not specialize because they are fearful that they will not be able to fill their practice. the truth is just the opposite!

To fill your practice it is essential to clearly and concisely state who you work with and the benefits they get from working with you. When you become a specialist you establish yourself as an expert, and your clients will seek you out and happily pay you for your expertise.


Client Connection Tip- to fill your practice effortlessly

March 3rd, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you make instant connection and create an opening to invite others to work with you-


Speaking is a great way for people to get to know you, even if you are an introvert. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Speak to groups that your ideal clients attend. You will want to ensure that the audience you are speaking to will benefit from your message, so identify groups that attract your ideal clients.
  2. Use your signature system as your talk outline. When you create a signature system potential clients understand what you do and the benefits they will receive from working with you.
  3. Don’t worry if you are introverted, set up speaking engagements to as an opportunity to connect with your audience and understand their biggest fears, worries, and pains. You can use the speaking opportunity as a forum discussion to learn from the group and share a few insights and tips.
  4. Have a way to stay in contact with those people after they leave, beyond a brochure and business card. Because if they are not ready to work with you now, they may be ready in the future, so ensure you have a way to maintain connection.

Want support in how to connect with speaking groups,  build a signature system clients love, and  maintain connection after the speaking program? Fill My practice NOW system teaches you step-by-step how you can use speaking to authentically grow your business. To learn more click here.


What's missing in your marketing?

February 2nd, 2010

I’ve been coaching many people in their creative business breakthrough strategy sessions and find the same thing coming up, again and again. Most of the people I’ve talked with are struggling with all the things that they are trying to do, and they are scrambling about, with lots of busyness, but they are not getting the results they desire.

They are lacking a system in their marketing, and a system in their implementation of their services. Instead of having a clear system of how they do business, in which they can convey this effortless and easily to others, they are creating lots of work reinventing their processes and marketing inconsistently.

So what can you do? Life is busy and who has time to stop what you’re doing and create systems?

Here’s the scoop. Creating systems will create MORE  time for you. When you create the foundation of systems, they you can build up from there. Then you have less busyness and more time to do the brilliance work you are called to do!

Want to learn how to easily create systems that will support your business? Learn more here


What's your story?

January 11th, 2010

As I move my business from the safety and comfort of my therapy office to a more visible business I have discovered some really remarkable things about myself. I’ve found my story keeps popping up- the belief system that keeps me playing small out of fear that I’m not adequate, that I don’t know enough.

It’s remarkable that stories we’ve adopted in our lives emerge especially when we are making steps outside of our comfort zone (all those things we do to keep the fear at bay). My story has threaded my life and at times I’ve believed it, at times I fought hard against it, at times I’ve surrendered and allowed it to take over, at times I’ve been dismissive and disregarded it.

I feel a shift as it appears these days. I’m too far from the story to retreat back to its safety. I also feel the fight against it is over, it serves only to keep me engaged with the beliefs that truly no longer serve me. So what to do with this story, this aspect of myself that is clinging on for dear life, fearful I will leave it behind?

Today I choose to hear it, to see it, and to understanding its motives to keep me safe. I lovingly and gently allow this story to “speak its peace” and I nod understandingly, like a parent to their child.

Yes, I have created this story and I honor that it served me at one time. I hold the story and compassionately detach from it. For in each moment I have a choice, to move back into the past story or step forward into the unknown and create the new story. I am choosing to step forward.

So what is your story and what does it keep you from doing?