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The Blossom Method ™– the revolutionary way to communicate with your baby from birth

November 25th, 2013


Join the International Parents & Professionals Community (IPPC). Our monthly Parent & Professional Support Call is Tuesday, November 26th. Topic: “The Blossom Method ™– the revolutionary way to communicate with your baby from birth” an interview with guest expert, Vivien Sabel.

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could talk to your baby and understand his or her emotions, needs and wants. In The Blossom Method™, Vivien Sabel supports you to do just that – through learning about your baby’s non-verbal communications. With this groundbreaking technique, you will learn how to meet your baby’s needs before he or she cries, and how to talk back so that your baby feels understood.

On this call you will learn:

  • How and when Vivien discovered more about infant communication
  • The Blossom Method and the value of this communication tool
  • Specific examples of infant communication and their meanings
  • The value of using the key features of The Blossom Method with all children from toddlers and teens
  • What parents and professionals are saying about The Blossom Method

The Blossom Method™ encourages you to understand and communicate with your baby from day one, leading to an even happier, settled baby and a strong parent–child bond.

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