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Here’s how you can attract ideal private pay clients

March 23rd, 2011

Over the years of being in business I found that this is the essential ingredient to welcoming in ideal clients to your practice and to be quite honest, it’s fairly simple and extremely profound. I’ve seen this in my business, and learned this from other therapists making 6 and 7-figures, and when I am aligned with this core element my business flourishes.

It’s Love.

When love is at the core all things flow with ease and grace supporting you so you can support others. Let me show you exactly how love helps you to flourish in your business and welcome in ideal clients too.

Your business is a reflection of you, so when you are honored, loved and supported, your business reflects that as well. Here’s how you can lavish yourself with love: ask for and be willing to receive support. How does that look for you? Does that mean you let go of tasks that do not serve you, transition to private pay clients and let go of, or outsource insurance reimbursements, create systems and delegate out what is not your brilliance work? This frees up time for you to renew yourself, work on what gives you pleasure and be present with your needs. Nourishing your heart and soul creates a feeling of expansions and a softened presence reflected in all of your interactions.

Being centered and grounded in love, you can let go of things that do not honor you, lovingly releasing thoughts, ‘to-do’s’, expectations, ‘shoulds’ and anything else that does not serve you. You become more committed to honoring your precious time and release what drains your time, and you hold others in a place of accountability. Watch how, as you embrace self-love, others will respect your time and boundaries. You will notice how your clients shift, and you’ll attract new clients whom respect your time and gifts (reducing no-shows, cancellations, or late payments). You’ll find it is easier to say, “no thank you”, to what does not serve you, and “yes” to what feels self-honoring.

When you are nourished and come from a place of love when you’re asked about your business you naturally shine your enthusiasm and passion.  You share what you do, knowing that your gifts help others. You release all beliefs about not knowing enough, not having enough education, experience, etc and instead fully embrace yourself with love and compassion for the healing gifts you innately possess.

From this place of love you share the work you do and how you can help others. You release any limiting beliefs that keep you focused on your ‘stuff’ and instead you are able to be fully present and open when others ask you about what you do. Operating from a place of love, you are clear which clients you work best with; and you share this with those you meet, so they can pass on your name and information to those ideal clients you can best serve. All of your marketing materials reflect this, as your words are client-centered and deeply resonate with those ideal people you are meant to serve.

Here’s the final element of how love impacts your work. When your clients are in your presence they feel your love and compassion. I remember years ago hearing Bill O’Hanlon speak to my class on loving your clients. At the time I thought, well that’s really inappropriate. I’ve now come to a deeper awareness that loving your clients is fundamental in the work we do as healers. As we help people move on their own journey of compassion and self-love and letting go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them, we must be fully present with love.  This loving presence is the balm for the pain and suffering of those we work with. They may not be ready to move into love for themselves, and they many not have ever experienced a compassionate and understanding presence. Your holding the space with love allows your clients to do the same.

How does this impact your business you may wonder? For your clients being held in a place of love and compassion is a powerful feeling and this creates deep relationships with clients who are committed to their personal work. You’ll find your clients more invested in their sessions and themselves, and as they fully embrace their own self-love they become joyous “fans” spreading the message of what you do to their friends and family.

For those of you who are feeling a pull between feeling like you need to do more, and embracing compassion and self-love (and you want some very practical creative strategies to keep you grounded) then I invite you to the Creative Alchemy Retreat.

Creative Alchemy happens when you open to the possibilities and declare that you are the authority in your life.

Listening and following your heart leads you to more joy, abundance and authenticity in your life, and when you are feeling expansive and excited more juicy joyous things show up in your life to support you- like meeting the right people to support your vision, like joyously sharing your work and new clients saying yes, like feeling that delicious buzz that you are honoring your soul’s purpose.

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What are your plans for the holiday slump?

December 1st, 2010
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”….unless your practice/business slows down and you’re left wondering how to finance the holiday gifts. Hmmm, then it’s not so wonderful at all!

The truth is that if your practice slows this time of the year and you’re left wondering how to overcome the holiday slowdown “slump” then I’m going to share with you some wonderful opportunities to help you create consistent income during the holidays and beyond!

1. Host a holiday open house-
Invite your referral resources, your clients, your colleagues, and host a holiday celebration with delectable snacks and refreshments. Not only will you celebrate your clients, you’ll reconnect with those people who may have forgotten about your services (and it may be exactly what they need this time of the year). You can even create a themed party, such as “stress free- holidays” and include a relaxation tip on the invitation, and hand-out goodies/door prizes donated by local retailers that also focus on stress-free services.

Want to expand your connections? Collaborate with a few related local businesses to maximize your business exposure. Get really creative and playful, if you work with girls host a  mother-daughter spa night at your office. Here’s the KEY, make sure you have a plan in place to follow-up with all those new potential clients!

2. Offer a training program to other professionals-
All therapists, healers, and helpers have a wealth of modalities to share with others who want to learn from them. What is it that you do that you can share with others and help them in their own professional/personal development? Start marketing your program now and begin before the holidays, or start your marketing (and take early discounted registration) for your January training program.

If you are encountering “resistance” around this idea, stop and think, what is that about? It may mean that you are not seeing the value of your unique gifts (or you may just be taking those for granted). If you are really stuck, write a list or ask a friend, what you are really good at, and see how you can train others in this as well.

3. Share your holiday survival strategies-
There are so many people right now in need of your support. Now more than ever! Families are in crisis, people are alone and in need of healing, teens are reaching out for drugs and alcohol rather than their family, people who have lost a loved one are grieving without hope.  There is tremendous pain and suffering, and you have remarkable healing gifts that can help them through this troubled time- if you show up. You must show up, and hiding out in your office when you could be connecting with others does not serve you, and it does not help those clients that so need you right now.

I ask you to recommit to your clients and yourself, and that you step forward in a way that allows others to connect with you. Host a teleseminar, host a workshop, ask to speak at a local venue, do whatever it takes to share your message of hope this season! You will change lives by showing up, listening, and sharing your message!

4. Offer flexible support-
Face-to-face therapy is changing. Healing work is now being done at an international level, and it clearly will impact how we work with our clients. (I know of a hand analyst who has international clients -yes, hand analyst, politically correct for palm reader ☺- so if you think your modaility can’t be offered via technology, think again!!

If you do not embrace new ways of working with your clients you may be missing out on an opportunity to support your clients in a way more aligned with their needs. So how can you offer flexible support for your clients during a period when many people are traveling or are in need of a flexible schedule?

Technology is the answer! Can you offer your teen clients email or text access to you while they are away? Imagine offering a holiday support program to mom and dad and teens with email/chat access to help manage those holiday stressors. What about phone sessions or Skype for those clients who can’t directly see you in person while they are traveling?

If you want to add support to your client’s services using technology, then you’re not going to want to miss the call on Why and How To Build an Online Therapy Practice”, part of the Beyond Managed Care Tele-Forum. You’ll learn how you can add online services to your current practice (and how some insurance companies are now covering online therapy).

Now is the time to think of innovative ways to connect and serve your clients, so you can leave the holiday season humming…”it’s the most wonderful time of the year”!

Are you unconsciously pushing clients away from working with you?

November 17th, 2010

I bet you are reading the title to this article and thinking, “no way”, however you may be doing, and thinking, some things that may actually be pushing your clients away from working with you. Read this short article and see if you’re unconsciously pushing away your clients and how you can put the welcome mat out on your practice!

So how do you know if you are pushing your clients away? Here are some signals to look for.

1. You don’t have systems in place.

You may be thinking ‘systems’? What’s a system, and why the heck would I need one? If you don’t have systems in place you’ll be spending so much time and energy on doing things again (and again), you may feel exhausted and overwhelmed when a new client comes along.

How do you know if this is problem for your business? Ask yourself if you would feel overwhelmed and stressed out if your business were to double? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely you’re pushing clients away.

Systems are ways to repeat a series of actions to achieve a specific result. As a creative pioneer, I hesitated creating systems because I thought I would be bored! What I realized instead is that a system acts like a bookend and allows the flexibility and freedom to play within the structure.

So here are areas you can create systems for your business. Create systems for follow-up, for client conversations, for your intake process, after networking and speaking events. Once you do so you’ll have a repeatable system that takes the guess work out of what to do or say, and you’ll be able to focus your energies elsewhere.

2. When the phone rings you get nervous.

Yes, a bit of nerves may be common, but if you’re feeling anxiety about taking on new clients this may be a sign that something else is going on. Take a minute and check-in to see what’s underneath the nerves. Do you feel like taking on another client is too much, do you feel concerned you don’t know enough to help this person, are you worried about being overwhelmed with more paperwork and filing insurance for your clients?

When you identify what your anxiety is about there is an opportunity to make changes. If you’re not sure about the underlying feeling, take 15-minutes and write words or draw images of what you’re feeling. You get clear quickly, so you can shift your energies to welcoming new clients.

3. You’re really busy with lots of things, but they are not activities that put you in conversations with potential clients.

Is your office activities and business a distraction from connecting with clients? If so, then you are likely to take on more projects and stay really busy doing and redoing things (and checking and rechecking your emails). Instead, shift the focus and put your efforts and energies on connecting with and engaging in conversations with your potential clients and referral resources.  The cool thing is once you create systems (see #1) then, you’ll have the exact process to connect and follow-up with your potential clients.

4. You terminate with clients before they are ready.

My therapist friend and I had a great conversation the other night about the length of working with clients. She spoke candidly about having clients she worked with for years, and how early on in her career she would feel compelled to move clients out of her practice. Now she realizes that clients continue to come to sessions (year after year) because they value having someone fully present listening to them. She realized it was her  ‘stuff’ that wanted to move people out of her therapy office.

So how do you respond to termination? Even if you work in a short-term or a program model, do you provide the option for maintenance sessions or follow-up check-ins?  If not, you may be missing out on an area to further support your clients and you may be unconsciously pushing your clients away.

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