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Where do you get stuck in your life and your business?

January 20th, 2010

Did you know that your therapy business, and any anything else that you may be doing, is a reflection of your inner beliefs? We all have the stories we carry, and the big plots in our lives that we replay again and again. It’s the awareness and our conscious choice that will help us more from these stuck repetitive patterns into a new behaviors and consequently a new business paradigm.

Many therapists have stuck beliefs around money and helping others, and there is a feeling of being incongruent when you’re talk about helping others and being paid well for your services. So letting go of these inner beliefs that have kept you playing small, will in turn allow you the opportunity to step forward and help many more people.

Here’s a simple exercise, yet quite powerful. Write down all the beliefs you have around making money and helping others. What do you discover about yourself in the process?