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What’s stopping you from creating your ideal practice?

December 29th, 2010

During this period when we pause to give closure to one year and to welcome in the possibilities for the new year I ask you to honor yourself and your work by taking a few minutes to contemplate and create.

So ask yourself this powerful question, I call it the miracle question for your business…

If you could wave a (realistic) magic wand and you could create your ideal practice in the next 6-months to 1 year, what would that look like?”

Now take a few minutes to truly savor that- what would your days look like, what would you be doing each day (teaching, speaking, writing your book, seeing a handful of clients), how much would you be making, what would it feel like? Allow yourself to get lost in visualizing this for your business.

Now take 30-minutes and pull out some markers, crayons, oil pastels, magazines or any art materials that strike your fancy. Find or create images and words that support your ideal practice. Truly make this so yummy and a bit of a stretch to grow into, but also tangible and within the realm of possibilities. Play and enjoy the process and allow your heart to guide you.

Now take a few minutes to take in and relish what you’ve created. It should feel expansive, a bit out of reach, exciting and give you tingles!

Here’s the next step in this process- and where you can welcome in purposeful action. Ask yourself these questions and allow yourself to freely journal without any censoring, and see what you discover.

What do you desire to create in the next 6-12 months? Describe in detail what it would look like 6 months to a year from now.

What’s been stopping your from creating this vision of your ideal practice? (Keep asking this question until you have released all the thoughts, beliefs and physical things that are keeping your from achieving this vision).

How would it feel if you released all these things and beliefs that have been stopping you and you flowed easily and gracefully towards your ideal vision?

What do you need to do (or not do) or let go of to make your vision a reality?

What’s one thing your will do right now to take purposeful action towards your vision?

I celebrate the possibilities of your vision and know that you must take the time to reflect and welcome your ideal practice- then you must take purposeful action to make it come to life. That’s where I can help support your vision and help guide you to turn it into a reality ☺ Yippee! So I invite you to join me as I share my SECRETS of how I filled my own practice & created an award winning fee-for-service 6-figure business, and how I can help your authentically do the same!  Register here for the Fill My Practice Secrets Complimentary Teleseminar now!