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Want a clutter-free calm home?

May 20th, 2013

We’ve all got stuff: grandma’s china you inherited, the hand-print casting of your toddler, the ever expanding piles of toys your child accumulates, the pair of skinny jeans you’re hoping one day fit back into (not to mention the garage filled with your honey’s stuff). Some stuff has emotional ties, some stuff you’d feel guilty letting go of, and some stuff you just seem to collect more and more of.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this? I’ve spent hours looking through my closets; I’ll start sorting stuff, then quickly get overwhelmed, and close the door. It’s a total waste of time. It’s an energy sucker, and my closets are still full- bummer!

Letting Go of Stuff

So when I heard of Darren Johnson, the author of Letting Go of Stuff, I knew I needed to interview him for the upcoming International Parents and Professionals Community Guest Expert Call, tomorrow, Tuesday May 21st!

If you’re making promises to clean out and let go of stuff you don’t need, end energy-sucking relationships or set self-respecting boundaries, or you need some support in letting go of “OPS” (Other People’s Stuff), don’t miss this call.

We’ll be talking about moving beyond the mental and physical barriers that STUFF presents. Understanding how to better manage stuff will help to create space, emotionally and physiologically, for greater success on a daily basis. Parents, teachers, families, and others will benefit from this discussion about how to let go of stuff.

On this call you’ll:

  • Gain insights into the seven secrets to LETTING GO – for at home and in the office
  • Learn strategies for managing unhealthy relationships at home and at work
  • Develop new perspectives on how to treat others so you can get treated with the respect you deserve
  • Apply techniques for dealing with anger, resentment, and bad experiences so you can let go of the stuff that doesn’t work anymore
  • Have a good time while learning key concepts for improving relationships and simplifying your life

You’ll leave this call with empowering tools to help you let go of what’s not working in your life. We’ll be talking about the emotional stuff, as well as the physical stuff that keeps us from the deep connections and calm clutter-free environments we desire to create. Don’t miss this empowering complimentary call. Click here to find out more
If you are already an IPPC member I can’t wait to connect with you on the call- it’s going to be AWESOME! “See” you there!

Until we connect again, let your brilliant light SHINE!

Dr. Laura Dessauer,
the “Creativity Queen”
Founder, International Parents & Professionals Community

P.S.- This call and audio recording is F-R-E-E for International Parents and Professional Community Members. Enjoy monthly parent & professional support calls, guest faculty calls with parenting and family experts, quarterly Q&A calls, instant access 24/7 to support resources, and a supportive, non-judgmental & downright awesome community of parents & professionals…all for just a few pennies per day. Click here now for all of the exciting details.