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Brain Insights: Make a Positive Difference for Children interview with Deborah McNelis

December 13th, 2012

Do you want to help set your child up for a positive and healthy new year? Join the International Parents and Professionals Community December support call with guest expert Deborah McNelis, an Early Brain Development Specialist, on the topic of Brain Insights: Make a Positive Difference for Children!

Our next monthly International Parents & Professionals Community (IPPC) Guest Faculty Call is Tuesday, December 18th on this call Deborah will share practical and important information that can shape your child’s brain!

The brain is greatly impacted by experiences. With the realizations you gain through this presentation you will learn eye opening ways to have a positive impact on behavior, moods and learning…even during busy every day life!

On this call you’ll discover:

  • The impact of the early years
  • What “out of control” behavior means
  • How important consistent nurturing relationships are
  • The importance of play for optimal brain development
  • How nutrition impacts behavior and learning
  • How to fit healthy brain development into your schedule with practical strategies for busy families.

You’ll get access to positive and practical strategies to help your child develop a healthy brain. This call is F*R*E*E* to all IPPC members. Click here to learn more about our supportive community and all the resources for children and families.

I adore Deborah and always learn something new when we talk. I can’t wait to share her pioneering and practical brain insights with our community! If you’re not a member of our community you can learn more here.