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Are you losing money right now? – Ouch!

January 12th, 2011

Do you know your practice has a cycle? Basically your practice has seasons in which there is a tremendous amount of action, and then times when you have a lull (and maybe some worries that it may not pick up again).

Well, I tracked it in my practice (month to month) and graphed it out over 5 years and saw that indeed it wasn’t my imagination; there were very clear patterns of business. I know intuitively you feel this in your work, even if you’re not tracking it. Here’s the thing, you may be losing money right now and you may not even be aware of it- Ouch!

Right now the New Year has begun and people are looking for ways to improve their relationships, change their behaviors, and all the accompanying emotions that comes with that (think of weight loss and emotional eating or smokers who use nicotine to self-soothe & self-regulate). So right now you are in the perfect position to offer your services as the “solution” to your client’s problems.

You see, as I tracked the clients I saw and there was a trend. Since I worked with children and families managing acting out/shutting down behaviors, it made perfect sense. When school began there was a slow period, and when the first progress reports were sent home I saw a jump up in the calls to my office. Again, the calls slowed during the holidays and summer found most families on vacation, with fewer arguments over homework, so it was pretty quiet. From January, until when school let out, each month progressively became more and more busy, and of course calls peaked when progress reports and report cards came out. Coincidence? I think not!

Here’s the thing. I knew my ideal clients (I so adore) pretty darn well, which means that I knew when to offer some type of group because there were more kids in need, and when to schedule my vacations (spring break), plus I knew when there were slow times (so I could offer another type of program to create income, or just take a break).

So do you know your clients well enough to know their needs, when they are motivated to get help, when your practice expands or contracts, and do you have a plan in place to make sure you are creating support for your clients needs during those times and creating income through these lulls?

You may be losing money right now if you have not gotten crystal clear on who you help, how you help them, and what they are looking for right now. For those of you who are “specialization” or “niche” resistant- enough!! It does not serve you!

So how do you stop losing money? Right now it is the time to get into action with your practice. People are hungry for changes, transformations, and help! So identify who your peeps are, what they are in need of, (and you need to get really specific here, not ‘feeling better’ or ‘happier’), and create an opportunity to help them.

This can be done in any type of healing work. For instance, I went to a complimentary women’s mediation group last weekend and almost 70 women were there to mediate. Pretty amazing energy in that room to say the least!

Anyway, the leader was graceful and supportive, and invited everyone in the room the opportunity to work with her. She perfectly positioned her services, and I’m certain she welcomed at least a dozen new people into her practice. Why, because she planned her group perfectly- right at the start of the new year, locating her ideal clients, and providing a specific way people could work with her next, and she had a continuity plan in place – All done with pure grace and ease, and no feeling what so ever of ‘selling’ anyone.

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Where do you invest in marketing for your business?

April 5th, 2010

If you are looking to market your therapy practice you have to make some choices about where you spend your time, and essentially your money too. When faced with limitless options of advertising via print and web, it makes sense to get very clear on what activities will create the “biggest return on your investment”.

Too often I hear therapists spending countless hours and dollars on creating fancy brochures or taking out an ad in local magazines, then seeing very few clients walk into their doors from their investments.

So ask yourself before you get busy with your facebook fan page or invest in glossy brochures, who are the people you are looking to connect with, what do they need help with, how can you serve them, and will this activity help to connect you with those who are looking for your services?

With these simple questions you’ll know exactly where to invest your time to be of greater service to those in need.


Top 5 mistakes therapists make in building their practice

December 16th, 2009

Want to know the top 5 mistakes therapists make in building their practice?

HINT-When you identify these mistakes you’ll be able to help many more people, doing what you love to do!

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  • A big mistake all therapist have made, however if you continue to do this you will never grow your business.

grow your business

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Are you making mistakes in your business that are costing you lots of time and money$

December 10th, 2009

Well I admit it, there are many things I have done in my business that I wish I could wave my magic wand and go back and re-do! So rather than moaning about my losses and experiences, I have chosen to dissect and truly understand the root of my choices. What was it that influenced my decisions (or lack there of).

A few common themes come to mind:

Fear is not a what you should be operating under the influence of when you are making decisions, yet so many of us do so. Fear’s job is to keep you where you are at, because change and the unknown is so scary. Here’s the interesting part- we know we are ready to grow and make a change when it becomes uncomfortable to stay where we are at, yet fear offers up all sorts of excuses to keep you right where you are. Anais Nin’s quote captures this beautifully, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. In this place of internal struggle you will always be longing for something more, but creating false beliefs to keep you stuck exactly where you are. It feels terrible, yet so many people do this. How to they squelch back their desire to grow more into their potential?

Yup, we make all sort of excuses at to why we cannot make the changes we want to make. Whether it’s money, time, lack of resources, knowledge, all the excuses made keep us right where we are, and although it may be uncomfortable, it’s familiar. I find excuses pop up into my life when I am taking actions towards exposing myself to more people. Those gremlins pop up that encourage me to play it small and stay safe. they use the excuse of “what will others think, who do I think I am, what if I fail, what if it works-then what, I don’t have the time, it doesn’t feel right, I can’t commit, I don’t have the experience, I don’t have the money, etc”. Yes, all those thoughts pop up when I step forward into something bigger. So I acknowledge these thoughts and feelings and continue to action.

I find that when I am scared I do the push-me-pull-you (remember that creature from Dr. Dolittle). It was a two headed llama, with a head on each end, so it never really went anywhere. I find I take a step forward, then step backwards, getting me no where. However, the times I have made BIG bold changes is when I leaped forward and did whatever it took to make it happen- with no excuses! When I make a decision and commit to it amazing things always happen- I bet you have had a similar experience?

Here is a simple way to re-frame excuses and inactivity to commitment and action:
I need this, but… fill in with excuse vs. I need this, how do I get it… fill in with action

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