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Are you losing money right now? – Ouch!

January 12th, 2011

Do you know your practice has a cycle? Basically your practice has seasons in which there is a tremendous amount of action, and then times when you have a lull (and maybe some worries that it may not pick up again).

Well, I tracked it in my practice (month to month) and graphed it out over 5 years and saw that indeed it wasn’t my imagination; there were very clear patterns of business. I know intuitively you feel this in your work, even if you’re not tracking it. Here’s the thing, you may be losing money right now and you may not even be aware of it- Ouch!

Right now the New Year has begun and people are looking for ways to improve their relationships, change their behaviors, and all the accompanying emotions that comes with that (think of weight loss and emotional eating or smokers who use nicotine to self-soothe & self-regulate). So right now you are in the perfect position to offer your services as the “solution” to your client’s problems.

You see, as I tracked the clients I saw and there was a trend. Since I worked with children and families managing acting out/shutting down behaviors, it made perfect sense. When school began there was a slow period, and when the first progress reports were sent home I saw a jump up in the calls to my office. Again, the calls slowed during the holidays and summer found most families on vacation, with fewer arguments over homework, so it was pretty quiet. From January, until when school let out, each month progressively became more and more busy, and of course calls peaked when progress reports and report cards came out. Coincidence? I think not!

Here’s the thing. I knew my ideal clients (I so adore) pretty darn well, which means that I knew when to offer some type of group because there were more kids in need, and when to schedule my vacations (spring break), plus I knew when there were slow times (so I could offer another type of program to create income, or just take a break).

So do you know your clients well enough to know their needs, when they are motivated to get help, when your practice expands or contracts, and do you have a plan in place to make sure you are creating support for your clients needs during those times and creating income through these lulls?

You may be losing money right now if you have not gotten crystal clear on who you help, how you help them, and what they are looking for right now. For those of you who are “specialization” or “niche” resistant- enough!! It does not serve you!

So how do you stop losing money? Right now it is the time to get into action with your practice. People are hungry for changes, transformations, and help! So identify who your peeps are, what they are in need of, (and you need to get really specific here, not ‘feeling better’ or ‘happier’), and create an opportunity to help them.

This can be done in any type of healing work. For instance, I went to a complimentary women’s mediation group last weekend and almost 70 women were there to mediate. Pretty amazing energy in that room to say the least!

Anyway, the leader was graceful and supportive, and invited everyone in the room the opportunity to work with her. She perfectly positioned her services, and I’m certain she welcomed at least a dozen new people into her practice. Why, because she planned her group perfectly- right at the start of the new year, locating her ideal clients, and providing a specific way people could work with her next, and she had a continuity plan in place – All done with pure grace and ease, and no feeling what so ever of ‘selling’ anyone.

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How do you stand apart from other therapists?

July 7th, 2010

If you are looking to step forward and establish yourself as an expert then you are going to want to differentiate yourself from other therapists. So how are you different?

Here are some ways to help to separate yourself from other therapists and let your brilliance shine so your clients are attracted to you and your message.

1. Have an area of specialization that sets you apart from others

2. Use branding to create a unique message of what you stand for and what you do

3. Look at how you can help people beyond your office, such as offering workshops and programs to share your unique message

4. Establish your credibility in a big way by stepping forward as an expert in your niche

Are you ready to step out of your office and learn step-by-step how to establish your expertise and touch the lives of many, many, more people?

If so, then you are not going to want to miss the upcoming telesummit 101 program, where I will hand you all the tools and templates to create and event to help hundreds of potential clients, and step out from the crowd of therapists! Click here to learn more