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Soul Play: Painting from the Soul

March 5th, 2022

Welcome to Soul Play: Painting from the Soul

It takes courage to witness the unfolding of the unknown, moment by moment. Like a flower opening, petal by petal, to reveal its inner beauty, slowly we open to our deeper selves. The painting process guides us deeper into the unknowing so we may know more of who we really are, one with the creative source. 

Can we do deep work lightly? Let’s play!

How does the process work?

We will use tools from Heartwork throughout the process (please familiarize yourself with Heartwork tools here: )

~ We will start with setting your intention
~ Then mediation will guide you to go deeper
~ Unwinding will allow for bodily expression
~ Commence the painting!
~ Inquiry will deepen the understanding of how the painting process is often a refection of our own stuff
~ Final Reflection and closing

What am I supposed to do?

LISTEN. period

You will have a blank paper, brushes and paint. Your “work” is to LISTEN.

Can you come to the painting process like a child open and curious? What might happen then? What color do you want to use? Where does the brush want to go on the page? What has energy? What feels satisfying? What repels? What makes you tired? What excites you and gives you juice? What would you paint if no one would see it? What might you paint more or make bigger? What tiny things are calling to be expressed? Can you hold the space for all of it? Can you allow the collective unconscious to bubble up in your work? What happens when you bump up against judgements or desires to run away from things that feel uncomfortable, and you stay? What happens when you lean into that discomfort? What if you did more of what made you feel uncomfortable? Instead of covering something up or abandoning the image, what if you embraced that shadowy part? What if you listened deeply to your body- to your soul, and just stayed present with it all? Where might that lead you in the painting process? What might you discover?

What are the “rules”?

There is only ONE rule, and that is not to comment on other’s artwork. This provides a safe container for everything and anything to show up without censorship or judgement.

What happens when I get stuck?

Ask for support! LOL

You’ll let the facilitator know you need some help by waving/ raising your hand. The group members can use the inquiry process to ask questions to deepen the painter’s experience.

Here’s some gentle suggestions to guide the inquiry process:

Remember the “ONE rule”? We don’t comment on the painting. Commenting on the painting is saying things such as “I like it, it’s nice, it looks like you painted a __. It reminds me of a painting I did, let me tell you about it. I wish I could paint like that. What did you make? Why did you do that? Is that a mistake? I know what you can do to make it better/ fix it”

How can you help the painter if you cannot comment on the painting?

You can ask the painter questions! Before you ask a question of the painter, pause and take a breath. Drop into your soft body. Reflect, ask yourself will this question help the painter deepen their exploration and self-discovery?

If the painter is asking for support and you’d like to contribute, ask the painter if they are open to you asking a question.

The painter can respond, “yes, they are open to a question or no, thank you”. Easy Peasy

When the painter feels like they are done with questions they will let the group members know they are complete, such as “thank you for sharing, I have what I need or I am done now”.

What questions do I ask?

Inquiry questions that expand the painter’s experience and plumb the deeper levels of their true nature. Ummm, that sounds kinda hard!
Understandable, listen to your intuition and be open and curious. Some questions listed the the LISTEN section can be helpful.

Be mindful that asking “why” questions may paint you in the corner; instead let’s explore the “why not”.

What if I don’t want to talk or ask questions?

Well, then just paint! Your work is to listen deeply enough to your own creative source and follow its guidance. Share, don’t share, turn the volume down, listen to other’s explorations- all are welcome.

What happens when I’m done with a painting?

Please let the facilitator know you are feeling done so a completion conversation can happen. This is a dialogue to see if there are any places in the painting that need more attention. Sometimes when the painter feels done, additional inquiry will open a whole new door to discovery.

What materials do I need?

What materials do you have on hand? You can start there. If you want to buy some paint liquid tempura works well or fluid acrylic paint. You can buy Dick Blick tempura, or Golden and Liquitix brand paints. The dollar store sells Prang paints, they aren’t as high quality, but will do. Get some various size brushes, paint trays (ice cube trays, meat trays, plastic plates, wax paper all work), water container, paper towels, painters tape and paper.

Ideal paper size is 26 X 20 and any type of paper for paint will work. However, the best quality is 26 X 20 80 lb. vellum bristol paper. You can order that paper here:

How do I set up my space?

You space doesn’t have to be big, the back of a door or part of a wall can be a painting spot. Cardboard, shipping paper, or plastic table cloths are helpful to use as a backdrop. Use painter tape or masking tape and tape the backdrop to the wall or a door, then tape paper to backdrop (unless you have a spot that can get messy). Paint drips, so you may want to protect the floor with a drop cloth or cardboard.

Have a place to put your computer or tablet on- such as a small table, a bar chair or step ladder. We will spend time talking and mediating together, so having a chair to sit in will be necessary, before we begin painting. When we begin painting you’ll point your computer to your painting so we can see both your paper and you while you’re painting. You can paint sitting down or standing up, and maybe a bit of both.

Nothing fancy here! This is my set-up using a plastic table cloth from the dollar store

Is Soul Play Therapy?

Art making is indeed therapeutic, however Soul Play is not intended to be a therapy substitute. It’s an open ended creative source deep dive that may stir up your stuff. Paint At Your Own Risk!

I’ll send everyone a Zoom link shortly before we meet. If you have questions, I’m here to help 🙂 Email me at

This is an exploration, all of us playing, learning and discovering in this collective soup of unknowing. Let’s mix paint and have some fun!


Mandala Mondays- Valentine’s celebration of your delicious self

February 14th, 2011

It’s Mandala Mondays-  self- loving day! Wahoo 🙂

Oh, beautiful glorious being……your soul opens up at this moment to welcome you home!







Imperfectly Perfect


What Valentine’s Day gift would you give yourself on this luscious day of self love?

More patience, peace in your heart, a moment to relax in the sunshine and see the long shadows of the day across your window pane.

What if,

at this moment,

you decided all that really mattered was self-love, quite kindness, and simply being unafraid of being who you are at your divine core.

Then what?


Mandal Mondays- Live with Intention

January 17th, 2011

This Monday moves in with great gifts of awareness and gratitude, as I spend the morning surrendering sadness and letting go of sticky thoughts that hold me in a place of worry. Like rain moving through or the waves continually embracing the shore; lovingly, I create a sacred space that honors this letting go. As I free myself from my oh so very busy mind I welcome in such immense gratitude. I surrender to the Tusanami of my divine brilliance, welcoming back my truth like a well trusted friend.

I am- in this moment.

“Live with intention.

Walk to the edge.

Listen hard.

Practice wellness.

Play with abandon.


Choose with no regret.

Continue to learn.

Appreciate your friends.

Do what you love.

Live as if this is all that there is.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher


Mandala Mondays

December 13th, 2010

It’s Mandala Monday!! Yippee! I made the leap to daily mandalas 2 week ago and I’ve found myself relishing the process, especially when stress and overwhelm starts to creep in. Here’s what I’ve discovered in the process:

1. It’s easy to put aside something your doing for yourself because of other things (and people) you can to attend to. I can easily get distracted and do something else, but I keep reminding myself of the bigger why..’calm, centered, self-discovery’. I choose (again and again) to carve out the time to self-honor and when I do, the feeling is so delicious!! The days I don’t do it, I forgive and try again. No mandala self-flagellation here!

2. There were a few times these last few weeks when my blood was boiling, and when I took the time to do a mandala before I responded I found myself feeling more calm and level headed. I seriously need to tell someone the next time I’m upset, “Wait a minute I have to make a mandala before we can talk”, and walk around with an art pad tucked in my pocket- seriously!

3. Emotions come up when I give myself permission to sit and feel every day for 15-30 minutes. Surrender, surrender, surrender..isn’t that life in essence?

4. I purchased a new mandala book, and pull out my favorite art supplies. I had noticed in the past I had been saving the ‘good art supplies’ for working with others. So I claim the colorful box of $60 chalk pastel as ‘Mine’; acknowledging that every action of claiming my abundance allows more to flow back into my life- plus it feels oh sooo delightful to play with such rich and vibrant colors.

What have you discovered in the process? If you haven’t joined the Mandala Monday club, you can do so. Just make a circle and see what you create from it. Please feel free to share what you discover:)


Mandala Mondays are back-Yippee!

November 29th, 2010

Okay, it’s the holiday season and often this causes great chaos and imbalance, since a ‘normal routine’ gets a bit jumbled with holiday gatherings, and lots of rushing about to get things done.

As I was reflecting I realized that one of the most calming periods I can remember in recent years was during the period where I was doing daily mandalas. There was something so purging and calming during those months where my daily practice involved centering with art before I stepped into the busyness of the days.

So I invite you to join me on a delicious journey back to self. I will be making mandalas daily, and although it may not be possible to create your daily mandala, I invite you to join me on Mondays as we celebrate ‘Monday Mandalas’.

Here’s the Mandala De Jour

“Cracked Wide Open”

Please share your mandala links, your artwork, and your centering rituals as we move joyously into a season of centered celebration!