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Mandala Mondays- Valentine’s celebration of your delicious self

February 14th, 2011

It’s Mandala Mondays-  self- loving day! Wahoo 🙂

Oh, beautiful glorious being……your soul opens up at this moment to welcome you home!







Imperfectly Perfect


What Valentine’s Day gift would you give yourself on this luscious day of self love?

More patience, peace in your heart, a moment to relax in the sunshine and see the long shadows of the day across your window pane.

What if,

at this moment,

you decided all that really mattered was self-love, quite kindness, and simply being unafraid of being who you are at your divine core.

Then what?


Mandala Mondays the Holiday Edition

December 20th, 2010

The holiday is fast approaching and I find myself doing the dance between wanting to “do more” for others and allowing myself the experience of surrendering to “enough”.

I’m not a mall gal, thank goodness, yet I feel myself getting caught up in the frenetic pace of trying to send out cards, mail out packages, make sure that all the gifts are wrapped, and the dinner accoutrements are purchased before the grocery stores close.

Ummm, it’s just not the Creativity Queen’s natural tendency to be so efficient and organized – that is why I married the Royal Creativity King (its like having my own personal Boy Scout)!

I digress… so daily mandala making gets squished into the day and although I find myself struggling to find time (more like a to-do these days) when I eventually pick up the markers, and surrender, I find such great peace in the process.

I hope you continue to surrender to what is, letting go of the expectations and always returning to self- love. Truly there is nothing more. In the meantime, enjoy the journey and happy art making (and holidays too)!


Mandala Mondays

December 13th, 2010

It’s Mandala Monday!! Yippee! I made the leap to daily mandalas 2 week ago and I’ve found myself relishing the process, especially when stress and overwhelm starts to creep in. Here’s what I’ve discovered in the process:

1. It’s easy to put aside something your doing for yourself because of other things (and people) you can to attend to. I can easily get distracted and do something else, but I keep reminding myself of the bigger why..’calm, centered, self-discovery’. I choose (again and again) to carve out the time to self-honor and when I do, the feeling is so delicious!! The days I don’t do it, I forgive and try again. No mandala self-flagellation here!

2. There were a few times these last few weeks when my blood was boiling, and when I took the time to do a mandala before I responded I found myself feeling more calm and level headed. I seriously need to tell someone the next time I’m upset, “Wait a minute I have to make a mandala before we can talk”, and walk around with an art pad tucked in my pocket- seriously!

3. Emotions come up when I give myself permission to sit and feel every day for 15-30 minutes. Surrender, surrender, surrender..isn’t that life in essence?

4. I purchased a new mandala book, and pull out my favorite art supplies. I had noticed in the past I had been saving the ‘good art supplies’ for working with others. So I claim the colorful box of $60 chalk pastel as ‘Mine’; acknowledging that every action of claiming my abundance allows more to flow back into my life- plus it feels oh sooo delightful to play with such rich and vibrant colors.

What have you discovered in the process? If you haven’t joined the Mandala Monday club, you can do so. Just make a circle and see what you create from it. Please feel free to share what you discover:)


What is your heart telling you to do in your business?

January 21st, 2010

Amazing opportunities are unfolding in our lives right now and all of us who are healers and helpers are being called forward into helping more people. If you are reading this newsletter then you are being called, because you would not have this yearning for something more if you are not meant to be stepping forward into the bigger version of your self.

But this is not about you. It’s not about you achieving a certain amount of prestige or money in your business; it’s more than you. It’s about stepping out into what you are called to do with your life and not hiding out in some office or agency, playing small because you are fearful. Yes, you can be of great service to your clients in these settings and I’m sure you offer those you work with your unique gifts; however, in your heart you know you are called to step into something bigger.

So the fear kicks in when you are in a place of moving from your comfort zone. The fear shows up as limiting thoughts, not knowing the “how”, making excuses of not having the time or the money. We all know that feeling of longing, which is your intuition guiding you in the direction of you soul’s purpose. It’s signaling to you what to do next and asking you to follow your heart’s path.

However, most people get stuck in the longing. They allow the fears to keep them from moving forward and when we don’t move forward the longing and the discontent become stronger. What happens in this place of longing is that you stifle your gifts and become stuck. You are holding back the reigns on your life and in your work because of fear and you become stalled in anxiety, control, worry, and other repetitive patterns keeping you in place.

What happens is that eventually we have breakdowns. Work enviornments become so toxic we are force to change, you get laid off, programs change and you find you cannot tolerate it anymore, or your bank account is empty and no clients are coming. Then you are forced to look at what you’ve been holding back and ignoring. As they say, “the breakdown before the breakthrough”.

I know this cycle all too well, and I’ve seen in myself, with friends, family, clients, and therapist colleagues. What I am learning through this process is to become more connected to my intuition to help guide me. For it is in the resistance of the next step, and growth forward (because of fear) that we stay stuck. When you surrender to the fear, trust your intuition, and follow your heart’s path, that is when the opportunities arise.

So listen to your heart. Truly it knows what is the right next step for you. Then the energy is not mis-spent on staying stuck, but is invested on moving forward. This is a gift, and again it’s not just for you. When you move forward through fear you share your journey with others and inspire them on their path. Every step outside of your comfort zone and aligned with your heart allows you to ignite the spark for others. This is why we are here; this is our life’s purpose. Not to hide and dim your brilliant light, but to shine it brightly so others can boldly say yes to their own divine spark!

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