“I went from a struggling local therapy practice to a home based coaching practice that just went national…”

I have definitely stepped things up since working with Laura. Each time I applied something that worked I got a real hunger for it and wanted to take more action (a lesson I teach my clients as well). The clearer I got on what was right for me the more intolerable the present situation became. I was miserable doing therapy, I didn’t enjoy working with the clients I had, I felt held back in what I could do for them and I was sick of feeling like they were being held back as a result.

Having met and worked with Laura all these months she has been a blessing of monumental proportions. I couldn’t have made it this far without her. I went from a struggling local therapy practice to a home based coaching practice that just went national when I enrolled a couple from the west coast, and 9 clients in my 6-month program.

I’ve come so far is such a short amount of time because she has been so patient, so caring and so consistent that I learned I could trust her. Once the trust was there I was more willing to take action because I learned that no matter what the outcome, she’d have my back and help me figure out what to do next. It has been an amazing growth experience and an incredible awakening in terms of what is possible for me. Laura has my deepest respect for all she has brought to my life 🙂

– Brian R. King
Relationship Coach for the Autism Spectrum

“It is hands down one of the best investments I have made in myself in a VERY long time…”

Before I met Laura I knew I wanted to take my business to a higher, more effective level but I had no idea how. I dreamed of having more clients, more referrals and more systems to put in place. I was getting advice from anyone who could breath (!) and instead of having any sort of clear direction I found myself running around in circles, hitting the same dead ends over and over. I had no idea how to make the change that I dreamed of happen. I was SO frustrated and I was searching for help….

And then I found Laura. When I met Laura (online of course!) I knew I found someone who could bring me to the next level. More importantly, during the first 5 minutes of our phone consultation I knew she had the tools, tips, systems and strategies I was endlessly searching for. During our first coaching call I felt energized, hopeful and excited at the changes she helped me realize that could take place. By only our 4th phone call I already became aware of deep shifts in my thinking that were positively influencing my relationship with my business, my clients and of course future clients.

So far I have 8 clients in total with another 2-3 interested, I had 4 referrals between Monday and Tuesday of this week. All my clients either pre-paid, or are paying fee for service per session. I have a contract with one of the schools in the district with the likelihood it will continue throughout the school year. The Director then wants me to go throughout the district. Lots of wonderful things are happening and I thank you everyday (in my head) for giving me the tools I needed to get to this point.

When I look back at the normal anxiety I felt prior to signing on with Laura…I have to laugh. I now realize I was entering into a bigger place than I ever could have imagined. She has made this stage of growth fun, playful, meaningful, insightful, unforgettable and jam packed with easy to implement tips and strategies. It is hands down one of the best investments I have made in myself in a VERY long time and THE best investment I have made for my business to this day. Thank you Laura!

Elissa Bowes, ATR-BC, LCAT
Owner of Higher Art, LLC

Working with Laura has allowed me to identify my niche, and more importantly, helped me to design services that truly match their needs.

Laura’s expertise in speaking directly to your clients, keeping the focus on their needs, and creating a variety of therapeutic offerings to help meet those needs is wonderful!

But Laura’s Platinum Program doesn’t just affect your clients, side effects include introspection, self-awareness and personal growth…be ready! I have learned practical tools and business strategies, but I have also been energized, encouraged, held accountable, and empowered. Thank you Laura for sharing all your expertise so generously.

Drawing on Strengths is South Florida’s only art therapy private practice focused exclusively on people living with dementia and those who care for them, whether professionals or family caregivers.

Raquel Farrell-Kirk, ATR-BC

I went in to our session with an idea, and left with a focused and authentic plan and the methods to implement – it was an absolutely transformative experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my career..”

Before I met Laura, I had a successful private practice, but felt like there was more I could be doing to help my clients and community.  I had a ton of ideas – several notebooks full, and an entire wall of my home-office plastered with legal pad paper and scribble.  I was passionate about helping, but I wasn’t sure who, how, where, or when.  I had a lot of motivation, but was not sure where to aim it.

I took a few hours out of a family vacation to visit Laura in her office – it was one of the best decisions I made.  I found in her a kindred spirit not only in the “idea” field, but in the area of helping others  – both clients and peers.  After meeting with her and chatting,  I quickly asked her to schedule some time with me for one of her signature VIP days – it was one of the most informative, enlightening, valuable “classes” I have ever taken.

Laura helped me focus my efforts and ideas around a meaningful and personally authentic goal.  She worked with me to plan the execution of that goal and left me with valuable resources and next steps to bring that goal to fruition – I went in to our session with an idea, and left with a focused and authentic plan and the methods to implement – it was an absolutely transformative experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.

As a result of the time I spent with Laura, I have increased the success of my practice, as well as the satisfaction of the clients I work with.  With her guidance, I also struck out in another rewarding and personally authentic direction to help my peers in the counseling field – an opportunity I am very excited about, and very grateful to Laura for her guidance, wisdom, and insight – THANK YOU LAURA!

Daniel A. Franz, LMHC, LCAC, RPT/S

The Therapist’s Sherapa

Expanded her business significantly and is now working with a range of clients from around the world and speaking at conferences on an international scale…”

“Before participating in the ‘Create A Business I Love’ Platinum Program with Laura Dessauer I had only been working in my business very part time but I knew I needed some support and guidance to take me to the next step in expanding and creating a successful business that I would be able to say that I honestly loved. After trusting that I would find the right mentor to support me and what I was creating I was blessed to find Laura. After speaking with her I knew that she was the one I had been looking for and despite us living on opposite sides of the world I trusted from our very first interaction that Laura would support me to be an active participant in the program.
During the program I received so much valuable support from both Laura and the group participants which really helped me to integrate the rich focused content Laura shared in each step of the program. Laura has created an environment that offers genuine support and guidance to ensure that if you integrate the content she teaches, you will be able to authentically know that you are on the path to creating exactly the sort of business that allows you to do and share your best with more clients, or as she says, ‘let your brilliance’ shine.
As a result I know that I have set solid foundations as I grow my business and I have a range of easy to integrate tools that I can continue to refer to and use as a guiding light as I move forward and out into the world sharing my brilliance. I am increasing the number of clients I work with each month and am able to offer them incredible value and expertise based on what I learned in the past few months. I felt inspired after each of our calls and learnt so much from the open and honest sharing that Laura supported.
One of the greatest achievements for me has been greater clarity in what I do best and how I can best serve more people to help them to create the sort of personal and business lives they will also love and be proud of. I basically want others to be inspired by what they have created so they in turn show others that they too can have the success they deserve in business and life. This led me to officially launch my own coaching practice where I am integrating my creative wisdom, experience and expertise as a transpersonal art therapist to lead women who are creative or in creative businesses to achieve their own business success and shine like the stars they were born to be.
If you are a therapist, coach, healer or in any way in a profession where you help others and wanting to take your business to the next step then I can’t recommend Laura enough. I am certain that if you work with Laura, like me, you will know it’s one of the best decisions you will ever make for yourself and your business”.

Shannon Bush, the ‘Creative Possibility Coach’ is an Empowerment Coach and creator of the ‘Creative Biz Goddess Program’.