Setting goals for 2010

December 28th, 2009

It’s the most wonderful time of the new year, it’s planning time!  In the past my business planning had been like my new year’s resolutions. I would make a bunch of benchmarks and set goals, then a few weeks into the new year I would get distracted or lose interest in following the plans I has set up for myself. Needless to say it lead me to trying to maintain business momentum by doing a bunch of different strategies that were not at all what I had planned for. Go figure, but the results were inconsistent too!

So with some studying of business systems I found out a few things and thought I would spare you the same problem I’ve encountered. Here’s a simple one that works. Plan out your year (or 3 years) and break it down into bite sized projects, then focus all of your energy on taking the steps to complete the projects. The key to this is not to multi-task or jump from project to project, but to be clear on what needs to be done, when it need to be done, and focus all of your attention on getting it done. It sounds simple, but it will transform your business.


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