How to help your child improve their self-esteem~ these creative ideas can help

June 20th, 2011

Worried about your child’s self-esteem? Here are some self-esteem boosting activities:

Positive psychology research validates increased sense of optimism and happiness from using your strengths in new a novel ways on a daily basis. If you don’t know what your child’s personal strengths are take a moment to think of what activities they love to do, and can spend endless hours engaged in.

Encourage your child to explore new ways of engaging in similar types of activities. For instance if your child is creative and likes to build using legos, encourage them to build something with new and novel materials, such as duct tape or popsicle sticks. They will develop a sense of mastery and competency, while enhancing their creative problem solving abilities, all enhancing a sense of self-esteem.

Children’s self-esteem is also linked to developing internal qualities, such as compassion, and caring. Ask your child to make an image of themselves and write out all the things they do and like, describing external qualities such as I am a good soccer player, and then ask them to describe their internal qualities, such as smart, funny, generous.

Children often don’t recognize the internal qualities, and as a parent you can help them see the value in their unique personal attributes, and acknowledge when they are using these qualities. Parents can support their children self-esteem by recognizing when their child is accessing their internal qualities, such as being generous, kind or funny. Don’t forget to model these behaviors too!

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