Where do your start to help your child?

It depends upon your child’s needs.

Are they in need of support and new coping tools…

because they are experiencing problems that are significantly impacting their ability to manage their behaviors, feelings, and their self-esteem?

Most children respond to art therapy because it’s often a natural way for a child to express themselves. We use art therapy and creative play to help children manage their anger, cope with feeling of loss, depression, fear and anxiety, adjust to new situations, manage impulsive behaviors and frustrations, learn new strategies to communicate what they want and need without yelling, hitting, shutting down, tantrums or pouting.

Your child will learn how to cope with difficult situations, such as coping with with bullies, friends, siblings, relationships, curfews, peer pressure, loss, divorce, homework stress by creating new ways to solve the problems they are encountering.

If you need support for your child to make changes, and you’d like to change how the whole family responds when a problem arises (so there is less nagging, yelling, repeating, and frustration, and more peace and calm communication), then click here for information on the Comprehensive Family Support Program>>

Do you need some parenting support and tools that work, ASAP…

because you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, and disconnected, and you just want to do what’s best to help your child?

You know in your heart that your child is awesome, compassionate, smart, and just plain amazing, but sometimes you get really worried and frustrated by their behaviors. You are looking for information to help your child without labels or medication; you just want give them the tools to be successful.

Sometimes it would be nice to get some non-judgmental feedback, and we created the International Parents & Professionals Community to help support parents who would like to heard and receive support that reflects your values and needs. If you are looking for 24/7 parent support with strategies and tools to help your child then you’ll want to learn more. You’ll have access to my ‘insider’ secrets to help your child shift their behaviors- so no more second guessing on how you could handle problems when they arise. Essentially it’s like having a whole community of supportive parents and professionals at your fingertips. You can learn more about the International Parents & Professionals Community here>>

I would like some support just for me and what’s happening in my life, do you help adults too?

Yes, I found that many of the families I work with the parents want support just for themselves. Many adults also find that things surface from your own childhood when you are trying to better support your child. There is something nice about having some time to focus just on your needs without having to think about taking care of others all the time. What many of the adults discover when they work with me 1:1 is that they became an even better parents because they were more clear on what they are feeling and what they need, and they learn how to communicate the support they desire from their partners and their children. You can learn more about support for adults here>>