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As Featured In:

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Guest blogger for Psychology Today on practice building strategies to reach more clients and help more people. Psychology Today Blog: Business Success for Therapists

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LWR Life Magazine Article on Art Therapy

Healing with Art and Soul: Engaging One’s Self Through Art Modalities – Contributing Author

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009


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eHOWYour Turn: Games to Foster Better Sibling Relationships

Create a Winning Match Through Play

The Creativity Queen’s Superfabulicious Colorific Adventure Book!

What do erasers, modeling clay and aluminum foil have in common? They are all superfabulicious creative tools a spunky princess uses to overcome obstacles in The Creativity Queen’s Superfabulicious Adventure. Leaving behind the boring, safe and predictable Kingdom of Commonwealth, she goes on a journey to find out what the rest of the world has to offer. As with all good heroines, she discovers some creative ways to get out of sticky situations, such as flexing her modeling clay to escape a pit of puckering frogs. Using her creative bag of tricks, she even manages to foil a dragon—with aluminum foil, of course—and makes her way to the Land of Imagination.There she is crowned Creativity Queen and reigns in the Palace of Possibilities.