Mandala Mondays the Holiday Edition

December 20th, 2010

The holiday is fast approaching and I find myself doing the dance between wanting to “do more” for others and allowing myself the experience of surrendering to “enough”.

I’m not a mall gal, thank goodness, yet I feel myself getting caught up in the frenetic pace of trying to send out cards, mail out packages, make sure that all the gifts are wrapped, and the dinner accoutrements are purchased before the grocery stores close.

Ummm, it’s just not the Creativity Queen’s natural tendency to be so efficient and organized – that is why I married the Royal Creativity King (its like having my own personal Boy Scout)!

I digress… so daily mandala making gets squished into the day and although I find myself struggling to find time (more like a to-do these days) when I eventually pick up the markers, and surrender, I find such great peace in the process.

I hope you continue to surrender to what is, letting go of the expectations and always returning to self- love. Truly there is nothing more. In the meantime, enjoy the journey and happy art making (and holidays too)!


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