Lessons From Your Child

May 31st, 2012

Your child is teaching you lessons, open your heart to receive their gifts.

  • Remember to play: Life is not all about working, paying bills and keeping up with housework. Let’s go outside and play.
  • Breathe: If you don’t remember to do this I’ll test you so you remember.
  • Simplicity and joy can be found in any moment: I can find pure joy in a bucket of water on the beach or swings on the playground, can you?
  • I’m not what I do, but who I am: It’s those sparkly qualities in me of kindness, silliness, and compassion that transcend what I do. I remind you that you are not what you do, but who you are.
  • Love: I am pure love, loveable, and loving-reminding you that love of self and others is the healing balm for your soul.
  • It’s fun to get lost doing something for hours. I can spend all day on building something and forget everything else. What gives you so much joy that you can get lost in it for hours and lose track of time?
  • I’m so curious about the wonders of world. Things are fascinating and interesting, I want to know how the world works and why. When’s the last time you explored, tried something new, looked at the moon or a puddle, or pondered why?
  • Cuddles and hugs rule: I remind you of how joyous it is to hug and be hugged and how you sometime forget daddy/mommy loves to snuggle & cuddle too.
  • I’m so funny and so are you: Yup, sometimes I get laughing so hard things come out of my nose. When’s the last time you had a good belly laugh? Lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously (even the boo-boos you make)!
  • I can help you grow and heal your hurts: I remind you of your childhood, the good stuff, and the not so good. You can decide what you want to let go of from your past (and what you want to keep) so we can have a different relationship than you did with your parents.
  • I am the expression of pure bliss: There are moments when I remind you of the beauty and joy of life and you feel connected to something so much greater than yourself that your heart spills over with gratitude.

CQ Playful Creative Activity:

Pull out some art materials and reconnect with your curiosity and create with your child. Color your favorite animal, create a fairyland, build with Legos, or create a scribble drawing together. You’ll build the positive connections with your child and learn some valuable lessons from them too.


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