Imagine 2010 being your best business year ever!

December 3rd, 2009

If you dream of helping even more people in 2010 then do not miss the Fill My Practice NOW 6 week tele-class series. I put together this tele-class series for therapists who are brilliant and gifted, but struggle in getting the clients they want. When I put it together I thought of therapists who are over educated talented folks who have a hard time filling their practice. If this something you’re interested in then you can sign up here

Here’s more info of what to expect:

The tele-class will be 6 weeks of specific steps and strategies you can implement to make your business grow asap. The tele-class is an in-depth step-by-step blueprint that will help you clearly prioritize what you should do first, second, and third in your business so you are focused on helping more people (and making more money).

Here’s the scoop- you will learn:

How to get really clear on what to do (and not to do) to grow your business quickly

How to develop a signature system of your services so your clients “get” how you can help them and they’ll see positive results

How to develop marketing materials so you attract the ideal high paying clients you want

How to create systems that will keep the flow of clients coming to you. Set it up once and all you do is repeat- so simple!

How to authentically have a sales conversation so your clients say “yes” to the services you offer.

I believe all therapist have a niche field that can help 1,000’s of people who are struggling in painful situations. When you say yes to creating your business, you’ll open the door to helping so many more people who are in desperate need of your support.



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