Find Your Niche and Clients Will Find You!

April 21st, 2010

holeinroofDo you see that mess? Well that is my ceiling in the family room of our summerhouse up north. To make a very long story short, our water shut-off valve burst and this was what our neighbor discovered when he went into check on our house!

What a mess- our happy relaxing retreat was turned upside down as over 1000 gallons of water rushed through the bathroom upstairs and down through what was once our ceiling! It was heartbreaking to see the images, and even more heartbreaking to talk with our insurance company!

However, there is something important about this story that will benefit your therapy practice. Once you ‘get’ this you’ll understand exactly why you may not have the number of clients you’d like to see in your therapy practice!

So the heartbreaking news was our home was devastated by water, our hardwood floors damaged, our bathroom completely destroyed, and our ceiling defunct… but it was the discussion with our insurance company that was truly devastating!

Our insurance company adjustor came and made a determination that denied us a claim. Basically, the cost of this damage would need to be paid out-of-pocket. What we are learning in this process will help you in your business, and be the big ‘ah-ha’ that will help you to authentically attract more clients to your practice.

So when we found out our claim was denied by our insurance company, we did EXACTLY what people do when they have a problem. We started to look for a solution!

We did what most people do, and that is we asked people we knew if they had ever had this problem and what they did. We asked a family member in the real estate business if they had ever encountered this problem. We got the name of another insurance company who said they worked with an adjustor company who did exactly what we needed- they took on claims against insurance companies if they believed it was a wrongful determination. Then we spoke to another friend who had a contractor that was an expert in cleanup from water damage, and could help us with reconstruction. We were able to easily search for mold clean-up remediation services, because we knew they would be able to help us with all the water damage and sprouting mold!

Can you see what all of these have in common? They are all specialized experts who have created a very specific and targeted niche. So when we needed help and stared to ask around and do internet research, these experts stood out from the crowd and they were exactly what we were looking for.

The insurance company was able to refer us to the adjustor company because they knew that was their area of expertise (notice there was no competition). The contractor was the perfect fit because he knew exactly what we were dealing with and quickly offered us a solution to fit our needs (of course he was referred because his services matched our needs). The mold remediation specialists were easy to find online in one quick search because their services are so targeted (mind you because they are specialists they charge an EXTREME amount of money)!

So how can this hole in the ceiling mishap help you in your business?

When you niche your practice, you make it crystal clear who you serve and what you offer because you are ready to step in and help your clients with their very specific problems. When you don’t claim a niche you do a disservice to your clients (they won’t know where to find you), as well as your services (you’ll be SLOWLY building your practice and you’ll be poorly compensated for your time)!

So are you niche resistant, meaning you haven’t committed to a niche? Take this quick quiz and see how you score:

  • When people ask you who do you work with you say more than one targeted population
  • When you describe what you do you talk about how your work can help everyone
  • You describe numerous diagnoses you treat in your practice
  • You describe your modality of treatment as your niche
  • You are earning much less than you desire
  • You’ve been in practice for years and you still struggle to get clients

If you score all “Yes”- then it’s time to get an extreme niche makeover!

If you have a majority of “Yes”, you will want to learn how to create a niche that supports you and helps others refer to your practice.

If you do not have a “yes” then whoo hoo! Way to go, keep rocking!

You see there are people out there waiting for your unique brilliance to help them. When you deny stepping into your unique gifts, you deny those clients an opportunity to work with you.

If it weren’t for the all those professionals who found their niche and specialized in their expertise, we would still be looking for help for our house with little success. SO the lesson learned- niche and clients will find you!

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