Comprehensive Family Support Program

Your child or teen needs support and you are worried about them.

Which one (or more) of these sounds like your child?

  • Does your child act out and become really angry or upset when things don’t go their way, everything is power struggle and it seems like the littlest thing sets them off?
  • Does your child get really quiet and disconnected when they feel overwhelmed and stressed out; you’re feeling powerless to help them and you are wondering if they are okay?
  • Does your child worry about school or friends and you’re not sure if it is normal?
  • Is it a battle to get your child to do homework or chores; you’ve asked them 100’s of times to pick up their things, they just tune you out, and you’ve had enough?
  • Does your child get into arguments at home with you and their siblings and even the littlest things can blow up into a tantrum, or they withdraw into silence and their room?
  • Are you noticing that they have changed, maybe they’ve begun lying to you or keeping information from you, or things are becoming a power struggle?
  • Are you tired of worrying and hoping they will grow out of it, but things still stay the same?

You are feeling worried and upset, and perhaps even feeling disrespected, and unsupported. You are concerned about your child and want to teach them ways to manage stressful situations and give them the tools for success so they can grow into compassionate, responsible young adults who can confidently communicate.

Your child needs some new tools and coping skills to help them with their feelings and behaviors so your family can spend more time and energy doing things that you all enjoy, rather than worrying and stressing about your child’s problems.

You want some non-judgmental support.  To be totally honest you are worried about your child and in your heart you know that given some tools and strategies and support, your child  could learn how to cope with the problems they are having and manage their feelings better. Or perhaps you have taken your child to the doctor and seen some therapists, but things are still not better. You are looking for other options to support your child and yourself. There seems to be a missing piece- helping YOUR CHILD learn ways to cope with difficult situations and change their behaviors AND supporting YOU in finding new strategies that will help your child change their behaviors and communicate their feelings.

You are right, there is a missing piece.

In the years I worked with families I noticed there was indeed a missing piece in their child’s treatment. For an hour they were given the opportunity to express their feelings and were taught tools to help them manage difficult situations in a positive manner. Then the session ended and the child returned home. You see, teaching a child how to create new patterns of thoughts and actions is only part of the process. To affect change that is long-term and on-going there needs to be a shift in the whole family system- and this is the missing piece for so many parents.

So how do you support your child with making long-term sustainable changes? By stepping into your parenting power and learn how to communicate in a loving, yet firm, way, and clearly modeling boundaries and consequences. At times families create a belief that the child is exhibiting “problem behavior”, yet it is the response of the system (parents, siblings, and even academic staff) that impacts the child’s behaviors. A child may learn a new way to manage their behaviors and feelings, but without systemic change the parents, siblings, and academic staff may continue to perpetuate the problem behaviors.

What can you do as a parent to finally stop the cycle of your child’s unproductive or negative behaviors? You can become aware of your role in the process of change and how you may  (or may not) be facilitating change. Also, you can become aware of how the behaviors of siblings are impacting your child’s ability to change, and how the role of those who work with your child in an academic setting are responding to (and maintaining) the cycle of your child’s behaviors (if it’s applicable).

Unless the system changes, your child will continue to struggle. They may to well for a bit, but in a few months, or a few years, the same patterns will re-emerge.

We can help!

The Comprehensive Family Support Program for children and teens was created specifically for families who are ready to make long lasting changes and commit to transforming the dynamics that perpetuates a child’s problem behaviors. This program is for those parents who are ready to make long lasting positive changes in their families. These parents are ready to break the unproductive cycle of behaviors, and are ready to take action, without excuses, and to do things in a different way, while being supported in the process. This program is not for parents who want their child to make the changes; and would prefer the focus to be on ‘fixing’ their child’s behaviors.

I’m thrilled to offer this program because I know it’s the missing piece necessary to help your child feel more confident and connected, and I am excited to support those parents who are ready to commit to long-tern positive changes.

The Benefits of our Comprehensive Family Support Program:

Reduces negative behaviors of acting out or shutting down, by teaching tools to be successful in the classroom, at home, and with peers.

Helps children find positive ways to manage their feelings (such as anxiety, anger, grief), so your child can learn how to cope with stress and feel more self-confident.

Uses a child’s inherent creativity to find solutions to the problems they are encountering.


Effective communication skills, so you won’t resort to yelling as a way to be heard,

Creative problem solving, so your child doesn’t give up or melt-down when they encounter a problem,

Positive relationships, so your child can easily cope with frustrations and communicate better whether it’s school related, friend related, with siblings or with you.

Behavior management skills, so your child learns new skills instead of yelling, hitting, whining, tantrums, or pouting to get their needs met.

A positive sense of self-esteem. As your child learns to positively get their needs met they feel happier, more confident, and they will continue to use these skills as life long tools.

In addition, the program will:

Provide parental support and coaching tools to help you best support your child to create long-term changes. You’ll get clear, concise strategies to help your child change their behaviors so you are not responding from a reactive or passive position, but rather from a place of parenting power.

This program is designed to help children and parents manage behaviors and emotions with art therapy, creative problem solving strategies, and parent coaching tools.

This program can support you and your child even if you live outside of the area! Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions>

I’d like to talk with you about my child and learn more. What’s the best way to reach you?

You can schedule a complimentary Child Support Consultation by clicking here.

I’d be happy to share with you resources of how to best support your child. Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve your family. I look forward to helping your family transform, while empowering your child with life-long skills for success!