When you are clear of your unique brilliance, there’s no competition

December 3rd, 2010

…and my friend Dan Franz is clear of his unique brilliance! Really who else can call themselves the Therapist Sherpa?

Dan’s hosting the Practice Building for the Next Decade and you’ll want to be there! I’ve had the honor of working with Dan, and believe me, you’ll want join this event.

He has put together a team of expert guides to help start your journey to a successful and authentic private practice!

You will spend time with authentic and successful practitioners who have created their own practices and are ready to guide you to yours!

–    Develop an understanding of your unique marketing niche in your community and how it will provide a constant flow of clients.

–    Create your ultimate marketing “DO’s” and DON’T’s” list.

–    Learn the secrets of taking care of yourself as a therapist, and treating yourself like a business person.

–    Develop an understanding of abundance, and that it is OK, it is actually desirable for therapists and helping professionals to live in abundance, and teach their clients abundance.

–    Find your strength and renew your passion to be the outstanding clinician and helper you have always dreamed of being.

Join Dan, and me too, for this awesome event!


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