Want to learn my secret “client attraction” strategy?

May 19th, 2010

imagineI bet you have seen other therapists who have full practices with a waitlist and have looked curiously at what they are doing, and wondered why your practice doesn’t look the same. Maybe there’s a feeling like they have it together and you secretly feel a bit envious. You may even begin to lose confidence in your skills as a clinician, wondering why it feels really hard to imagine having the ideal practice you desire- where you are helping the clients you love seeing and are being paid well for the work that you do!

Well I’m here to tell you it’s not you, and it’s not your clinical skills (phew). Actually, it’s your marketing skills. So I want to share with you two essential ingredients to growing your practice that you must implement to quickly & authentically grow your practice from a place of service. I’ll share with you a strategy I used in my therapy business to help me create more consistent income during the “down economy” and what I believe to be the lifesaver of my business, helping me dramatically grow my practice during a time when many therapists were struggling in their practice.

The first essential ingredients to growing your practice is getting clear on your specialization and what sets you apart from other therapists. If you are part of the Niche and Fill My practice telecourse then you have leapt ahead to claim your area of specialization and you know the “magical formula” of your niche. When you are clear of who you serve, the problem that you solve and the unique way you do it by creating your own unique signature system that sets you apart from other therapists, then you have the foundation for a practice where you can confidently charge what you are worth and get it. (If you still want to jump on to the telecourse you can do so and get access to all the calls, scripts, & templates. Just click here.)

The second essential element to creating a thriving practice is to have a system in place to connect with potential clients. I’ll let you in on an insider strategy worth its weight in gold- develop a consistent way to stay in contact with your potential clients.

Let me share what I mean, some therapist have built a reputation in town as the “go to person” for a specific problem and they have full thriving practices. They’ve clearly identified their area of specialization and when you think of them, you identify whom they work with and how they help their clients. Just think of a few practitioners in your community who have that reputation. So, you want to create the reputation for yourself and if you are just starting out or just started to learn about practice building, this is a quick way you can build your credibility and expertise in your community and beyond.

Ready for the ‘secret strategy’ that will revolutionize your practice? (insert drum roll here)… you must have a way to stay connected. Plain and simple, you must have an ezine. An ezine is a permission based (meaning they want to receive it) digital magazine or newsletter that you send to folks who are potential clients. These are the people who have expressed interest in what you offer but are not quite ready to become your clients. They may have searched for your services on the internet or they came to listen to you talk and they are eager to learn more about what you offer. They are your potential clients, in the stage of contemplation and preparation, and are weighing the pros and cons of changing and exploring their options (remember Prochaska’s stages of change).

You miss the opportunity to be of service when you do not provide an easy way for your potential clients to learn more about how you can help them. Creating an ezine or newsletter is not a complex process, however, there is a big mistake I see 90% of therapists making when they begin to implement this strategy. The big mistake is asking your potential clients to “sign-up for my newsletter”. I’m sorry, but no one wants another bit of mail clogging their email box. If you are offering a newsletter and you have dismal response, it’s because of this reason, so please stop asap!

Instead, you must offer a juicy and compelling bit of information that resonates with your ideal client so it’s meaningful for them to sign–up and they’re actually excited to receive your ezine! I call this ‘irresistible information’. This is something that your ideal client eagerly wants to know more about and they are willing to share their contact information to access this ‘irresistible information’.

When you implement this strategy, the number of potential clients who want to jump on your list quickly grows and you can easily keep them informed of what you are offering. Those therapists I have taught this strategy to find their practices quickly doubling, even tripling, practically overnight. My ezine kept me in touch with my clients and potential clients during the down economy and helped me create the best months financially in my practice due to this invaluable client connection strategy!!

If you want to be taken step-by-step through the process of clarifying your area of specialization, creating your unique signature system, defining your ‘irresistible information’ to connect with your potential clients, and learning how to create an ezine that gets your clients and potential clients excited about what you offer and into your practice, then you’ll want to schedule your virtual VIP Day Intensive.

Contact info@businesssuccessfortherapists.com and use the words ‘VIP Day Intensive’ in the subject line. When you take action with support and accountability you achieve remarkable results. I’m excited to guide you to achieve the results of authentically helping more clients and creating more income in your therapy practice.


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