Is there something wrong with my child? Does my child need therapy?

September 2nd, 2011

That’s the biggest heartbreaking question a parent can ask themselves, is there something wrong with my child?

You may be wondering about your child’s behaviors or moods, concerned that they are not coping well with problems or relationship issues, worried that they are experiencing problems and you are wondering if your child needs therapy.

A child may go to therapy for various reasons, likely you or someone in your child’s life noticed that your child is struggling and recommend you talk to someone. Often a concerned teacher or adult will recommend seeking help, and you may be reluctant. Don’t worry, not every child who sees their doctor or a therapist needs to medicated. Children can often learn how to cope with their feelings and manage their behaviors in child therapy, without needing medication.

If you are worried ask your doctor, teacher, or other parents to provide you with the names of several child therapists or child psychologists. Call several therapists and find someone you feel understands your situation and can provide therapy for you child or family therapy. Make sure that the therapist you see specializes in working with children, as not all therapists are the same.

Please do not avoid the problem or hope that it goes away. Ignoring your child’s emotional and behavioral problems is neglecting your child’s need for support. Do not worry about the “stigma” attached with seeing a child therapist. These days many children and families come to therapy to improve their ability to communicate, and the therapeutic process is confidential.

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