Change is Inevitable; Struggle is Optional

March 22nd, 2010

If you are in private practice, this is a good motto to adopt. You see the belief that as a therapist you need to struggle and get paid minimally for your services, is truly optional. There is a beautiful liberation when you discover that you have these transformative and empowering gifts you share with our clients, which can dramatically change their lives. When you value your time, freedom, and the work you do, you create a space to consider how you can easily and gracefully bring these gift to others.

So I ask you to take a look at any of the areas you are struggling in your business (from getting more clients, to connecting more with colleagues, being paid well and consistently, to creating your niche). Here’s where you get to work your magic. Look at these areas with gentleness and curiosity, as you would another. What is the struggle telling you? Are there areas you need to let go of, things you need to do less of, more support needed, clear direction, less confusion? What does the struggle what you to know?

I like to use my art and ask the question and see what is revealed. Often using the art allows me to get in touch with thoughts and feelings I was even unaware of.

When you become aware of the struggle, you can make changes.

So ask yourself after doing this exercise, “What’s next”?

Then allow yourself to truly listen.


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