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How do you stand apart from other therapists?

July 7th, 2010

If you are looking to step forward and establish yourself as an expert then you are going to want to differentiate yourself from other therapists. So how are you different?

Here are some ways to help to separate yourself from other therapists and let your brilliance shine so your clients are attracted to you and your message.

1. Have an area of specialization that sets you apart from others

2. Use branding to create a unique message of what you stand for and what you do

3. Look at how you can help people beyond your office, such as offering workshops and programs to share your unique message

4. Establish your credibility in a big way by stepping forward as an expert in your niche

Are you ready to step out of your office and learn step-by-step how to establish your expertise and touch the lives of many, many, more people?

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Want a new client today? Here's a tip how

June 10th, 2010

I’ve been getting a lot emails asking for some strategies to jumpstart your private practice and quickly help you see an increase of new clients.

So, I wanted to share with you 3 tips that I know will help you immediately start to see flow in your private practice NOW.

Today I’m sharing Tip #1 to help you get into action quickly.

Tip #1

Make a decision you are going to get a new client today, plain and simple. When you make a powerful decision and take action, you will see results. So take a few minutes to set aside what you are doing. Take a deep breath and visualize welcoming the new client to your practice. Feel their presence and see them coming into your office ready to make powerful changes in their lives. Allow this to resonate with you.  Open up a new folder for them with all the intake paperwork and set it on your desk, welcoming your new client.

Your creative practice building homework:


I have a folder with the names and numbers of people who called for information about my services; these are folks who weren’t ready at the time, or we were unable to connect for some reason. If you have a similar folder (and you should) pull it out and, go through it. Give a call to each person, letting them know you wanted to follow-up and offer them an opportunity to come in to meet with you to discuss where they are at with resolving their problem.

If you don’t have a folder with names, then reach out to people you know (both family and friends) letting them know you’re taking new clients and who do they know who could benefit from what you do?

If you are nervous or fearful come from the mindset that you are there to be of service and your call may just be the thing that helps them to finally take action and resolve the problem they are struggling with. You are offering them a gift; show up with that energy when you connect and you will feel authentic and aligned as a healer and helper.

Filling your practice authentically from a place of service does not need to be so difficult. When you are given the tools, and show step-by-step how to do it, it can be very fulfilling and FUN too! If you are ready to take action and create a full practice then click here to learn about the upcoming Fill My Practice Bootcamp where you get specific strategies to quickly and authentically fill your practice!

Want more tips?  Check back next week for Tip #2, a strategy to help you create more income quickly.


Client Connection Tip- what's your expertise?

March 9th, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you establish yourself as the ‘go to person” when a problem arises-


It is necessary not only to help strengthen your clinical skills, but to help your clients recognize how you can help them. If you are a generalist, you do a disservice to those clients who are seeking someone with specialized skills.  Most therapist do not specialize because they are fearful that they will not be able to fill their practice. the truth is just the opposite!

To fill your practice it is essential to clearly and concisely state who you work with and the benefits they get from working with you. When you become a specialist you establish yourself as an expert, and your clients will seek you out and happily pay you for your expertise.


Something exciting is about to happen!

March 8th, 2010

There is this buzz going around about therapists looking to create consistent revenues and finding ways to let go of the dependency on insurance companies. I’d have to say a revolution is happening, as I read the practice building blogs out there. Therapists are getting tired of working so hard to get paid meager wages or they are fearful of leaving a secure job to create a private practice. Doubt and uncertainty have caused therapists to stay stuck; however, there is a undercurrent of change that happening and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

If you haven’t signed up, I urge you to do so asap and join us for the complimentary Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Over three days you’ll find tips and strategies to help you shift from a dollars for hour work week, relying in insurance reimbursement or an agency to receive payment, to learning how you can create a profitable authentic practice, helping even more people (and making more money too). It will be a groundbreaking, and fun, event you are not going to want to miss. I’m looking so forward to sharing this information with you!

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Client Connection Tip- to fill your practice effortlessly

March 3rd, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you make instant connection and create an opening to invite others to work with you-


Speaking is a great way for people to get to know you, even if you are an introvert. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Speak to groups that your ideal clients attend. You will want to ensure that the audience you are speaking to will benefit from your message, so identify groups that attract your ideal clients.
  2. Use your signature system as your talk outline. When you create a signature system potential clients understand what you do and the benefits they will receive from working with you.
  3. Don’t worry if you are introverted, set up speaking engagements to as an opportunity to connect with your audience and understand their biggest fears, worries, and pains. You can use the speaking opportunity as a forum discussion to learn from the group and share a few insights and tips.
  4. Have a way to stay in contact with those people after they leave, beyond a brochure and business card. Because if they are not ready to work with you now, they may be ready in the future, so ensure you have a way to maintain connection.

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Fill My Practice NOW tele-class tonight

January 5th, 2010

Want to help more people and make a better income in the new year? This 6-week tele-class will show you, step-by-step, how to Fill Your Practice NOW!

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How to get presentations so you get more clients!

December 7th, 2009

I am heading out the door to do a presentation this morning for a very influential program in town, sure to land me many new clients. The funny thing is that I kept trying to get in the door to present to this very well connected program, but I was having a really hard time. I learned a very simple strategy that has opened the doors on how to land speaking opportunities with the ideal clients you desire to work with. The funny thing is that it is so simple and it works. Not only am I getting local and national presentation opportunities, I’m being sought out as an expert (which means I can charge what I’m worth and get it)!

So if you are ready to learn the exact steps to creating more opportunities to position yourself as the expert, and help many more clients, sign up for the tele-class that starts tomorrow. The 6-week “Fill My Practice NOW” tele-class will teach you the exact steps to help you identify your ideal client, then create systems so you can consistently be drawing those clients to you.

You may be worried is it for me? If you are ready to help more people in 2010 and make more money-then “yes”, this program is for you. You may be worried that is a bunch of overwhelming information. The truth is the information works, but is quite simple to implement. You may be booked up for the holidays. Here’s the scoop, you’ll get the links to the recordings and you can listen to them at any time.

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I am looking forward to seeing you on the call and helping you create a remarkable 2010.


Help, I just don't know where to start!

November 23rd, 2009
Help, I just don’t know where to start! Ever feel that way? Ever feel like you have a bunch of ideas for your therapy business but you don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you need some clients ASAP and you just don’t know what actions to take? It is overwhelming and confusing. You may start doing a bunch of things inconsistently and seeing little results, or you start for a bit, then give up because it is too difficult, or maybe you don’t start at all.
If you have ever felt confused about where to begin in the process of attracting clients, then these four steps are for you!
1. Write down everything that you are doing or developing in your business related to attracting clients. This would include what’s on your “to do” list (i.e. calling referral resources, developing new brochures, developing a signature talk, tweaking your website). OK- now take a minute and really acknowledge all you are trying to do. Sometimes just writing it all down puts it into perspective. When I do this I feel a big release (like a mental exhale), looking at all I have on my plate allows me to acknowledge how busy I am, and validates my feelings.
2. Organize- At this point many business owners become confused, because they just don’t know which task to do first. Here’s a simple rule to help you make decisions- choose the task that will give you the biggest ROI (return on investment). Meaning choose the one that will make you money. Still confused? Pick the task that’s the easiest and will provide you an opportunity to get more clients quickly. Circle it on your list and focus on doing it to completion.
3. Let go of perfection and “busy work”- Most people in business get stuck here. They believe that they have to have a website, brochures, cards, etc all in place before they begin doing activities that will attract clients. The problem with these actions (and beliefs) is that you are spending time, energy, and money on tasks that do not give you an immediate return. Many therapists and other business owners can easily stay distracted playing with their marking materials and lose focus on the activities that draw clients to them.
4. Remember there are only 2 things you should be doing- working with your clients and doing tasks to attract more clients. It’s a simple concept, but one that you’ll need to work at continuously to remained focused on building your business. So when you become distracted surfing the internet, or checking your emails 20 times a day, think about what activities you can be doing to stay focused on attracting clients. If you are unsure, refer back to what you circled in step two.
Want to know the specific steps on how to fill your practice with attracting ideal high paying clients now? I’ve outlined it all in detail in my “Fill My Practice NOW System” – 6 Week Tele-Class. In addition to the exact techniques that have worked for me, the System includes everything you need to know to prioritize what to work on first, and set up simple, solid systems to consistently draw clients to you. It’s all step-by-step, so we will cover step one of the system, then move on to step two, and so on. That’s why you will get such great results from it. All the “how to do it” tools are given to you, so you know what to do and in what order.
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Are you still attracting clients when you're away from the office?

October 7th, 2009

I recently had a family emergency and found myself quite quickly pulled from work. For most people in private practice a week away from work equals no pay. However, there are systems you can set into place that will allow you the opportunity to engage in work when you are away from the office (if you so choose), and continue to receive referrals when you are far from your contacts. The feature article provides you with information on creating systems that will continue to attract clients to you, even when you are out of the office and out of town.

There is a rule in business called the Pareto Principle that suggests that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Meaning that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your referral resources. So in all of your marketing efforts to draw client to you, 20% is providing you with the most referrals. If there is any merit to this concept, then it makes sense to cultivate relationships with the 20% who are sending referrals to you. What I found while I was away was that the relationships I had developed with a few key referral resources provided me with 5 clients last week while I was out of town because of the systems I had put into place to stay connected to the key people who send me business.

Here are some things you can do to keep your business running and producing income when you are away from the office:

1. Identify your 20%-those people or activities you do that provide you referrals. This can be a simple as asking your new clients how they heard about you.

2. Stay connected and express your gratitude to those who trust you enough to send you referrals. Early on in my business I was so overwhelmed because I did not have any systems in place. I had so many clients and was running to just keep up with the day-to-day schedule that I did not stay connected to my referral resources. Needless to say, I found the client referrals dwindle from lack of gratitude and learned a big lesson. Now I have systems in place so the the referral resource knows how much I value their trust in my work and how I will do my best to help their clients.

3.  Collaborate with referral resources that work with the same population, but do not compete for the same business. For example, if you work with people who have anxiety you can collaborate with dentists who see anxious patients. If you do grief work you can work with a funeral director to provide literature on what to expect during the grieving process. Even connecting with other therapists who do not specialize in what you do can be an opportunity for cross referrals.

4. Create a system for an initial phone consultation, so no matter where you are you know exactly what you need to do and say to your potential client. By developing a heart based “script” I have been able to be present to my potential client’s needs, even when I’m away from my office.

5. Create ways to service your client beyond the face-to-face format. From phone coaching to offering teleclasses, there are many new formats in which you can be of service to your clients, regardless of where you are. If you start planting the seeds of creating new programs in your practice, as the need arises you will be able to continue to help your clients, while creating more freedom in your business.


Help I need more clients NOW!

September 3rd, 2009

If you are a therapist in private practice then you know the feelings around these words. There is a feeling of fear and overwhelm as you see fewer clients on your schedule. We have all been there, and know that panicked state. Here are 5 strategies to help you through this phase:

1. Get back to basics—Connect!

Reconnect with those who refer to you and catch up for a cup of coffee or send them a hand written note. These gatekeepers are people who know about your services and recommend clients to you. If you don’t have referral sources, now is the time to start building relationships.

2. Connect with your clients

Connecting with your clients should be be done on a regular basis. This means sending out your newsletter, calling to follow-up, or sending out a follow-up note.

3. Become THE expert

When you establish yourself as the expert in a specific area you become the “go to” person when people are in need of the specific solution you offer. Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd, that is exactly how you will get noticed!

4.  Start thinking like a business person

When you think like a therapist in private practice you think of trading dollars for hours. This limits the number of people you can help and the how much money you can make. When you start to see yourself as a business person you can explore different ways to leverage your time so you can reach many more people and free up your dollars for hours mindset.

5. Seek support

Surround yourself with people who are at where you want to be. Stretch yourself by being with people who are a few steps ahead of you- meaning they are experiencing the lifestyle and “workstyle” you’d like. Mentors see what is possible because they are already there. Surround yourself with these folks and you’ll find yourself pulled forward into what’s possible!

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