“Reclaim My Inner Brilliance”

Art Therapy session for adults (PHONE, ZOOM, IN PERSON):

I’ve been seeing many adults hurting so badly and in such pain. It may be many things such as the economy, fear of the unknown, or the emphasis of lack and scarcity. Sadly, these fears trigger the thoughts and behaviors we had as a child. If you have never fully healed those aspects of yourself you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, fearful, scared, or avoiding what’s really at the root of your feelings.

However, for those people who are stepping into their fear and allowing themselves to heal there is tremendous change that is occurring. It’s remarkable to see the release of pain that has been held on for years and how people’s lives can be transformed when they they are committed to growing- no matter how scared they are.

There is something that I have to share that keep appearing again and again with the families I see. It breaks my heart to see parents in such pain. I know how much they hurt, wanting to see their relationships with their children be closer and to help their children be more confident and happier. I see these families whose hearts are breaking because they want so badly to help their children, but I know there is more to this, much more than what they see.

So many parents come in with their own hurts and pains. They have grown up in families that didn’t allow their voice to be heard or they never felt good enough. There are years of pain and hurt that have been pushed down because these parents were so fearful of letting these hurts out- fearful of rejection, worried they may fall apart, scared others may find out their deepest fears. So these parents keep looking for ways to fill their void. By doing more, buy buying more, by looking a certain way, by focusing on their children’s well being and putting everyone else’s needs before theirs. It breaks my heart to see these parents struggle to push through all the pain they are feeling and keep searching for ways to fill their hurt places.

These deep wounds created in the past keep us running on a treadmill of beliefs that if we did something more, had something more, looked differently, then we would be happy, lovable, respected, understood. The truth is that the ability to heal these tender places is already within us and we just haven’t tapped into it, so we continue to look outside of us.

The sad part is that most traditional talk therapies will give you more of the same. They will continue to keep you in your head, thinking about things- rather than being in your heart, where you can heal and release your pain. I have seen parents who have come to me with problems with their children and when they do their own work find they had been holding on to patterns and beliefs that had kept them in pain for years. Despite years of talk therapy, they still had not healed their heart.

As one very wise mother said, “Art allows me to get into my heart instead of my head. When I am in my heart I can feel, and when I feel I am able to heal”.

I’m offering an opportunity to receive support and get to the root of the cause of your pain, so you release the beliefs that you’re not good enough, that you have to do or be more, that you are broken and unlovable, so you can let go of these feelings for once and for all. If this the right time for you to finally let go of the pain and heal yourself (and you’ll know in your heart if it is) then I ask you to click the consultation button below to set up an appointment. I’d be honored to help you on your healing journey.

If you ready to take action Art Therapy sessions can help!

These sessions are designed for you to powerfully and boldly show up in your own life and reclaim your authentic self. The sessions provide a structure to help you gain clarity and insight and to help you make dramatic and powerfully transformative changes.

This is a process for those who are ready to commit to change and are willing to show up fully in their lives to make the changes and transformations that you desire.

You will be held in a loving supportive space that holds you as powerful in your life. Your clarity, insights, creativity, and willingness to take action, and make changes will be honored, as you boldly step into claiming your voice and inherent power.

You will discover within you the healing power of self-love through coaching and art making techniques. In the process you’ll be artfully guided to create strategies that will let go of old patterns and transform your relationships. You’ll playfully explore how to nourish and re-connect with your heart, while taking action to integrating these changes into your life.

By being held as powerful in making transformational changes, and by being held compassionately accountable, you will give yourself the gift of commitment.

This process is designed to empower you to step forward into your brilliance and heal old patterns using expressive art making, creative problem solving strategies, and coaching tools.

Learn to:

Step into your power and express your feelings in a self-honoring way.

Let go of old patterns that no longer serve you so you can feel happier and connect on a deeper authentic level with your family and friends.

Say yes to yourself and your emotional well-being by owning your feelings.

Let go of stress that keeps you sick, tired, and restless and disconnected from others. Learn how to create deeper connections with others as you let go pleasing behaviors.

Spend less time worrying about what you do and say- and what others do and say, so you can be more “present” in relationships and enjoy your time together with family and friends.

Get out of your head, those thoughts that keep you stuck and trapped with fear and worry, and learn to shift into your heart, so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Trust your inner guidance and how to use intuition to guide you in knowing what’s right for you, regardless of outside circumstances and other’s expectations.

Feel invigorated, re-energized, and more confident, as you embrace your self.

Set boundaries from a place of balance, respect, and love, so you clearly convey your needs.


Helps you find positive ways to manage your feelings (such as anxiety, anger, grief, depression, overwhelm, fear), so you can learn how to cope with stress and feel more self-confident.

Uses your inherent creativity to find solutions to the problems you are encountering, without therapy diagnoses. You will create strategies to help you cope with your feelings and how to effectively communicate your feelings to get your needs met. We will use coaching and expressive art techniques to help you create strategies that will let go of old patterns and transform your relationships.

I’d like to talk with you about my specific needs and learn more. What’s the best way to reach you?

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to supporting you in your transformation, so you may stand in your power and create the life you desire to live!