5 Ways To Make It Easier For Others To Refer To You

September 22nd, 2010

referralsOkay, I have to admit it, there was a time where I felt really uncomfortable with handling the topic of referrals. I didn’t want to seem desperate for business, no matter how full (or not full) my practice was. So someone would say they knew another person that would benefit from what I did, and I’d awkwardly reply,”thanks” and let it go.

At that time I believed they were just being “nice”.  As I explored my feelings and beliefs in therapy and coaching I began to see I was holding myself back. When I shifted to deeply honoring and respecting my gifts I opened up to welcoming new opportunities to be of service to others. As you may have heard of me mention this before, it became less about me, and more about how I could help others.

I’m sharing with you 5 ways to make it easier for others to refer to you. When you embrace these ways you’ll find new opportunities to quickly welcome new clients into your practice.

1. Shift your mindset to welcome new clients.

Check-in with yourself for a minute. How do you feel when the phone rings and it’s a new potential client? Be honest with yourself and allow whatever beliefs and feelings to surface and lovingly welcome and release these thoughts and feelings.  If you are a creative type, you can use your artistic medium to express this. If there are any fears, worries, anxieties, etc allow them to be released.

Now that you’ve released any beliefs or feelings, create a new mindset around welcoming clients. This can be as simple as visualizing a positive experience with a new client, thinking about previous clients you’ve helped and how this has impacted their lives, or creating a welcoming ritual for new referrals.

welcome2. Let your clients know you welcome referrals.

Yes, it’s fairly simple; however, if you haven’t done the first step, it makes this step quite difficult. There are many different ways to approach this, you can have it printed on your business card holders, have it part of your client intake packet, and you can just ask your current clients.

3. Let your clients know how the process works.

If your client is generous enough to share a connection of a contact, let them know you greatly appreciate their recommendation and you’ll treat that person with the same great confidential care you treat your client. Share your card, and relay that you would be happy to set up a complimentary phone consultation to answer any questions that person may have.

4. Create a referral network.

It’s much easier to fill your practice when you have multiple referral resources sharing your information with potential clients. Start identifying who else serves your ideal clients and begin to create relationships with these people. When you build these relationships you lay the foundation for your thriving therapy business and the “word” about what you do begins to spread in your community, and your practice fills quickly.

5. Ask others.

At all those network meetings and lunches you’re in front of folks, but they may not be your ideal client. When you clearly convey who you work with and how your services help solve a specific problem, people naturally want to help connect you with others.

So at these meetings  you can ask those your are networking with, “ If you know of someone who has this problem please pass on  my information, I’d be happy to talk with them and see how I can help them”.  If you’re not quite sure how to clearly articulate what you do, then you’ll want learn a step-by-step system to identify your ideal client and how to convey what you do in a simple way that gets clients saying, “yes, I’d like to work with you”.

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