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Listening with your heART

July 26th, 2012

Sometimes there is a disconnect in your relationships. Someone says something that triggers a feeling of vulnerability or you are feeling so stressed out you say or do things that are hurtful. What’s powerful to understand is that having a healthy relationship is not about avoiding conflict or being a “perfect” family. You can EXHALE because there is no such thing- perfect families are like unicorns, a beautiful mythical idea that has yet to be discovered. Instead, of chasing the elusive unicorn, you can learn from the perfectly imperfect relationships in your life by listening to your heART.

Here are 7 ways you can listen to your heART, connect with your creativity, and have more meaningful relationships with those people in your life. The cool thing is you can share this process with your children and help them to tune into their heART to help guide them with difficult stuff like peer pressure and conflict.

  1. Claim some time for you to breathe, feel, and process. You may need to designate some time during the day, get up early or stay up a little bit later, but carve out a few minutes a day where you unplug (literally).
  2. Close your eyes and feel your body, connect with your breath, feel yourself supported in the chair you are sitting in.
  3. Visualize your heart space (the place in your body where your heart resides). Fully feel that area of your body without judgments, just acknowledge and release any positive or negative thoughts.
  4. Sit in the fullness of this moment, connecting with whatever thoughts or feelings come up.
  5. Should you need guidance with a way to handle a situation or manage problems ask your heart for guidance.
  6. Breathe and continue to focus on your heart space.
  7. When you are ready take a piece of paper, canvas, or modeling clay, and allow yourself to create an image or symbol of what you felt in the process of connecting with your heart space. If you are struggling with creating an image or symbol, release any judgment and allow yourself to pick a color that resonates with you. When you are finished making art take a minute to explore what you created (you can journal about or just reflect on the process).

Allow the wisdom of what you created to guide you in your relationships and decisions. When difficulties arise take a deep breath and reconnect with the visual image you created or connect with your heart space and ask for guidance.

Notice that as you shift in your response to others, others will shift in their response to you.

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Eliminate Power Struggles and Strengthen Relationships with Children on the Autism Spectrum and Beyond!

July 20th, 2012

Yes, I absolutely adore our upcoming International Parents and Professionals Community Guest Speaker, Brain King, LCSW.  Brian will be sharing Parenting Beyond the Spectrum: Eliminate Power Struggles and Strengthen Relationships with Children on the Autism Spectrum and Beyond!


The amazing thing about Brian is that he has been handed lots of life challenges: from being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, to overcoming cancer, and living on the autism spectrum along with his three sons.  From his experiences he learned how to build deep connections, navigate relationships problems, and shift negativity and obstacles into possibilities. He truly is inspiring…and he’s sharing his knowledge with our community!

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  • You’ll be taught 4 simple steps to improve any relationship and what to do if you feel like you continue to keep asking your loved ones to make changes and they are just not listening (this alone is priceless)!
  • How to help you, your child, and loved ones make small shifts that will create big life-long changes to positively improve your communication and relationships
  • You’ll leave feeling absolutely inspired after hearing the life-story of a resilient and remarkable man who lives what he teaches- plus you’ll have lots of information you can begin to apply in your relationships to see immediate changes!

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I can’t wait to welcome you to our awesome community and for you to fall in love with Brian’s uplifting message too!


Until we connect again, let your brilliant light SHINE!


Dr. Laura Dessauer,

the “Creativity Queen”

Founder, International Parents & Professionals Community


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Creative Art Ideas for Summertime Boredom

July 11th, 2012

Summertime boredom got you down? Here are 21 creative art ideas for bored kids!

art activities for children

What happens when all the excitement of having time off for the summer turns into your kids whining “I’m bored”? You may notice that your kids are more irritable and there are more arguments and fighting, especially when you turn off the electronics!

Here are 21 creative art ideas to engage your child’s imagination, encourage positive communication, critical thinking skills, develop self-esteem and self-confidence during the summertime!

  1. Create a book of your vacation or a vacation you are planning with words and images
  2. Get big paper and trace your child’s body, and ask them to decorate their image
  3. Fill spray bottles with water and tempera paint and spray a large paper outside to make abstract paintings
  4. Get a box of sidewalk chalk and make colorful symbols and words of what you like
  5. Create a collage and tissue paper lantern out of old glass jars, glue on the paper and images, let dry and add a votive candle
  6. Make a scapbook of camp pictures
  7. Collect leaves rocks and branches to spell out your child’s name and glue it to a painted board
  8. Get a bottle of “zubbles”, colored bubbles and large paper and make abstract art outside
  9. Paint a mirror (either paint the wood frame with acrylic paint or use glass paint and paint the mirror)
  10. Make a sock monkey
  11. Use modeling clay and make funny people
  12. Make pom pom animals
  13. Use paints or markers and make a self portrait or pet portrait
  14. Draw cartoons of what your pets are thinking
  15. Create a cool kite
  16. Create vegetable stamps
  17. Got lots of school papers and returned homework and tests shred it and make paper
  18. Paint rocks with cool saying or images (or make a pet rock)
  19. Add drops of food coloring to shaving cream and mix and create swirled colored paper 
  20. Make handmade votive candles or soap
  21. Use a cardboard box and make a diorama (create a miniature house or world)

Got some creative ideas to keep your bored child busy? We would love to hear what creative things you do to make summertime a positive learning experience. Post your ideas in the comment box below!