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Here’s how you can attract ideal private pay clients

March 23rd, 2011

Over the years of being in business I found that this is the essential ingredient to welcoming in ideal clients to your practice and to be quite honest, it’s fairly simple and extremely profound. I’ve seen this in my business, and learned this from other therapists making 6 and 7-figures, and when I am aligned with this core element my business flourishes.

It’s Love.

When love is at the core all things flow with ease and grace supporting you so you can support others. Let me show you exactly how love helps you to flourish in your business and welcome in ideal clients too.

Your business is a reflection of you, so when you are honored, loved and supported, your business reflects that as well. Here’s how you can lavish yourself with love: ask for and be willing to receive support. How does that look for you? Does that mean you let go of tasks that do not serve you, transition to private pay clients and let go of, or outsource insurance reimbursements, create systems and delegate out what is not your brilliance work? This frees up time for you to renew yourself, work on what gives you pleasure and be present with your needs. Nourishing your heart and soul creates a feeling of expansions and a softened presence reflected in all of your interactions.

Being centered and grounded in love, you can let go of things that do not honor you, lovingly releasing thoughts, ‘to-do’s’, expectations, ‘shoulds’ and anything else that does not serve you. You become more committed to honoring your precious time and release what drains your time, and you hold others in a place of accountability. Watch how, as you embrace self-love, others will respect your time and boundaries. You will notice how your clients shift, and you’ll attract new clients whom respect your time and gifts (reducing no-shows, cancellations, or late payments). You’ll find it is easier to say, “no thank you”, to what does not serve you, and “yes” to what feels self-honoring.

When you are nourished and come from a place of love when you’re asked about your business you naturally shine your enthusiasm and passion.  You share what you do, knowing that your gifts help others. You release all beliefs about not knowing enough, not having enough education, experience, etc and instead fully embrace yourself with love and compassion for the healing gifts you innately possess.

From this place of love you share the work you do and how you can help others. You release any limiting beliefs that keep you focused on your ‘stuff’ and instead you are able to be fully present and open when others ask you about what you do. Operating from a place of love, you are clear which clients you work best with; and you share this with those you meet, so they can pass on your name and information to those ideal clients you can best serve. All of your marketing materials reflect this, as your words are client-centered and deeply resonate with those ideal people you are meant to serve.

Here’s the final element of how love impacts your work. When your clients are in your presence they feel your love and compassion. I remember years ago hearing Bill O’Hanlon speak to my class on loving your clients. At the time I thought, well that’s really inappropriate. I’ve now come to a deeper awareness that loving your clients is fundamental in the work we do as healers. As we help people move on their own journey of compassion and self-love and letting go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them, we must be fully present with love.  This loving presence is the balm for the pain and suffering of those we work with. They may not be ready to move into love for themselves, and they many not have ever experienced a compassionate and understanding presence. Your holding the space with love allows your clients to do the same.

How does this impact your business you may wonder? For your clients being held in a place of love and compassion is a powerful feeling and this creates deep relationships with clients who are committed to their personal work. You’ll find your clients more invested in their sessions and themselves, and as they fully embrace their own self-love they become joyous “fans” spreading the message of what you do to their friends and family.

For those of you who are feeling a pull between feeling like you need to do more, and embracing compassion and self-love (and you want some very practical creative strategies to keep you grounded) then I invite you to the Creative Alchemy Retreat.

Creative Alchemy happens when you open to the possibilities and declare that you are the authority in your life.

Listening and following your heart leads you to more joy, abundance and authenticity in your life, and when you are feeling expansive and excited more juicy joyous things show up in your life to support you- like meeting the right people to support your vision, like joyously sharing your work and new clients saying yes, like feeling that delicious buzz that you are honoring your soul’s purpose.

If this is tingling within you then you are ready for Creative Alchemy, and so are we!

Together, Shauna Harper from Consciously Creative, and I decided to create a sacred and supportive space for an intimate group of women:

  • to dive deep into your inner knowing,
  • release the stories that no longer serve you,
  • and listen to your intuition to discover what’s the next step in your life and in your work.

We’d love for you to join us –


Lessons from your closets: What do you need to let go of to move forward in your business?

March 9th, 2011

Take a minute and think about what you have in your closets and what you have in your drawers. Are they are stuffed full of things you don’t wear, or think or hope one day you’ll fit back into, or things you think you might need, someday. If they are super jammed packed, then there is likely no room to add anything to it.

Now, we can look around and start to see the patterns of our thinking reflected in our belongings. Look at your bookshelves, your garage, your car, your office, your kitchen cupboards. What are they saying about your ability to let go and create space for something new to evolve? Now take a minute and look at other areas of your life. Your email inbox (eek), your calendar, your to-do lists, your community commitments, your schedule, your child’s schedule. What does that look like? Is that crammed filled with activity, stuff, commitments?

Now take a minute and turn that energy inward. Are there unresolved grievances, anger, sadness, that are lingering. Is there blame, shame, and fear, self-doubt cluttering up your inner landscape. Do you have swirling thoughts, and critical chatter of critics and ‘shoulds”? Is your inner world packed and overflowing?

We as healers and helpers know that the outer world is just a reflection of the inner, that our closets are a reflection of our inner being.

It is so easy to step on the speed treadmill of “doing” and stay endlessly distracted with busyness and neglect to tend to our closets, garage, email inbox, inner mind and soul. No need to become critical with this awareness, instead lean into the awareness as an opportunity to explore what’s really going on with your closets, yourself, and your business.

You may want to ask yourself these questions and use some art to explore your responses:

  1. Why all the busyness? What’s the purpose of it? Decide what’s a priority, and let go of what’s not.
  2. Decide what you REALLY want. I ask those I speak with to tell me about how their days and weeks would look if they were doing what they loved. Most have never taken the time to get very specific on what they want, and instead they react, stay busy answering emails and phone calls randomly, responding to what comes up, rather than making a firm commitment towards their vision. If you don’t have a vision of what you are creating, then that’s the initial area you need to clear up some space and time to explore. Use some art materials and listen to you inner voice for guidance.
  3. What do you need to let go of? In order to create the space in the closet for all the new goodies you are adding you’ve go to let go of those leather pants you swore you’d someday fit into again. In your life there are some commitments and obligations that can be delegated or ditched, and some commitments no longer fit. Internally, there are some beliefs that no longer fit, such as your need to do it all by yourself, your need to know how before you act, your belief it needs to be perfect, your need to have a pretty website and brochure before you start to see more clients. These are hanging out like bad gold lame, it’s time to let go.

So pick one thing that you will focus on for this whole week; just one thing that you will let go of what no longer serves you (it can be personally or in business). Allow yourself to feel the fullness of what it means to let go of that and what might be triggered in the process.

Now before your brain launches into a story about, “Now I need to get this done”, or “I don’t even know where to start” or “See, I’m not good enough” or “I don’t have the time”, lovingly drop the story.

The Story…

There, you have just let go of what no longer fits.

Letting go creates space for what’s new to grow. Are you ready to learn how to transform your vision of helping more people into a passionate powerful and profitable business you LOVE?