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The divine feminine whispers to you, are you ready to heed the call?

February 23rd, 2011

Nurturing, honoring, connection, support, trust, creativity, intuition, support, these are some of the words that resonate the divine feminine. A glorious shift from the driven, linear model of divine masculinity that drives actions forward to accomplish, achieve, pursue.

How much we are influenced by the masculine in day-to-day life (especially in the US culture) and in business. There is a whisper of change, that the tides are turning back to the divine feminine, rooted in connection and flow. The stirrings are in the air, and we can see the emergence of this shift as outcries for peace sound across the globe. We are in the midst of tremendous transformations and as healers and helpers, our natural resonance is much more in unity with the divine feminine.

So how can you welcome in the divine feminine into your business so you can create deeper connections with your clients, honor the value you bring to those you work with and receive the gifts of payments aligned with your divine brilliance, and how can you show up fully aligned with the goddess within and powerfully translate this into your business?

Here’s some divine wisdom (whispered to me from my own divine feminine wellspring) on how to stand fully in your divine feminine power in your business:

Divine Feminine Gift: Be open to receiving-

There is much beauty and joy to be had and it is sent your way in the form of potential clients every day. How do you heed this whisper? Do you listen with open ears and open eyes to the gifts being set your way? Do you see what appears before you as an opportunity to be of service and to show up as a powerful healer that you are? Do you turn away from opportunities because of your own fears and inadequacies?

Dear one, you are a beautiful expression of the divine light and you are here to be of service, this is why your presence has graced the earth, this is why you have sought out your education and spent years immersed in your studies. As you have experienced much pain on this earth, and you have been hurt to the core, and choose to heal, again and again to surrender to the knowing of the divine spirit within you and bring this message forward to others.

In your heart you know the truth, it is your truth, it is the divine truth that there is only this one moment and in this one moment there is only love. You, dear one, know this as your truth. And in this moment is the opportunity to move from fear into the divine light of being and spread those glorious wings wide open with love and show up in full service to your fellow man (woman). It is this simple, and yet so powerfully complex.

As you step closer to your divinity what you’ll see are opportunities that will open to you, as you embrace your divine gifts with a loving open heart, you will notice all of those moments when there is a meeting of opportunities, a convergence, where you are put in the place to be the healer, and to wake up to this moment by being of service.

It does not serve you to hide in your fears, because in these fears you are not sharing these divine gifts you have been graced with.

You are put on this earth, in this moment in time to show up completely – in a place of love, and from this place of love you are to shine this to your fellow man, so he too can open his heart and step into his divinity.

Go now and ask how you can be of service, go now and show up openhearted and bared to your raw truth, that you embody the divine, and as you open to this you welcome your fellow man to open to this divinity within. Nothing to hide from or fear, nothing to shrink away from, nothing but full glorious acceptance of what has been rightfully imprinted on your soul.

You can choose how this shows up for you in your life, you can choose, how brilliant you desire to shine your light, you can choose the vehicle or the path to express this, however, you cannot, cannot, cannot chose to NOT express this, for this is your divine truth and it flows from you for all to witness, for all to celebrate, for all to step into your stream of divine being of light and drink from this swelling of life that is sprung from the divine source, which cannot help but flow through you. So the message for you, is to decide not if you will bring this message forward, but how you will bring forth this light, how you will shine this brilliance.

Should you need some help on your journey of divine feminine expression of your business, I’d be honored to support you. Click here to learn more about our programs and to find one that is right for you.


Sometimes the best thing you can really do is nothing at all

February 15th, 2011

A productive day at the office!

Space- ahhh! Space to grow, space to explore, space to play, space to imagine.

Big, glorious, joyous space.

When there is space-       there is opportunity for growth-       and possibilities.

We inherently fill, squeeze, and occupy with stuff

our sacred space.

Allow yourself the exhale of the divine,

your sacred space,

an opportunity to be.

Don’t worry, the world will still continue without your doing.

How will you create space in your life today?


Mandala Mondays- Valentine’s celebration of your delicious self

February 14th, 2011

It’s Mandala Mondays-  self- loving day! Wahoo 🙂

Oh, beautiful glorious being……your soul opens up at this moment to welcome you home!







Imperfectly Perfect


What Valentine’s Day gift would you give yourself on this luscious day of self love?

More patience, peace in your heart, a moment to relax in the sunshine and see the long shadows of the day across your window pane.

What if,

at this moment,

you decided all that really mattered was self-love, quite kindness, and simply being unafraid of being who you are at your divine core.

Then what?


The Miracle Question for Your Business…

February 9th, 2011

I’m a huge raving fan of the miracle question. If you are familiar with solution-focused therapy, the you’ve likely used the miracle question. Here’s a common version of it:

“Suppose our meeting is over, you go home, do whatever you planned to do for the rest of the day. And then, some time in the evening, you get tired and go to sleep. And in the middle of the night, when you are fast asleep, a miracle happens and all the problems that brought you here today are solved just like that. But since the miracle happened overnight nobody is telling you that the miracle happened. When you wake up the next morning, how are you going to start discovering that the miracle happened? … What else are you going to notice? What else?”

As a true Creativity Queen I’ve been known to pull out a wand and have practice-building clients playfully embrace the role of playing “what if” in their business. It allows for some expansive ideas of what’s possible in the work you do, like creating a book you always desired, or offering a workshop or presentation of your creative ideas.

There are several stages that businesses go through as they grow and expand, and the miracle question allows you to explore what you desire to create. Let’s look at the different stages of business, so you can see what’s next for you (and perhaps see that the miracle is not that far from where you are).

Stage 1: You are in the set-up stage and you are either just about to launch your business, or you recently have launched. During this phase your miracle question likely will be about reaching new clients and welcoming them into your business. During this stage you are working on the basics for your business, such as setting up your space, making sure you have all the necessary legal paperwork as a business entity, and building referral resources. You may have created some business cards and brochures, and you’re looking at creating a website sometime soon.

Here’s what is essential during this stage: getting clear on who you help and how you help them, so you know where to best target your marketing efforts and begin creating referral connections. You’ll also be building systems at this time, so you have paperwork in place and a system on how you connect with clients when they call you. Your “miracle” likely involves having a full (or pretty full) client load and you are investing in getting clear on your client-centered message, and creating marketing systems for your business.

Stage 2: You’ve gotten clear on who you work with, created referral connections, and you’re starting to create a name for yourself in your community. During this stage you’ve created a client-attracting website and added speaking, community teaching, or community workshops. Since you are seeing more clients and your time is getting limited, you’re looking to leverage your time, hire an assistant, and perhaps add some groups to see more people.

Your “miracle” will likely involve (if you are a therapist), “how do I stop paying insurance companies and still maintain the number of clients I see”? Your solution is to create a managed care exit plan and to find very clear ways to communicate the value of your services and your expertise of the work you offer.  No matter what helping/healing work you are in, you’re investing in systems to make your business operations run smoothly and creating a “signature system” unique to the work you do, maximizing the effectiveness of your website, and maintaining and building community relationships and referral partnerships.

Stage 3: You’ve been seeing folks for a while and you’re tired of the ebbs and flows during certain parts of the year. You’re well established in your community and your clients are mostly private pay. Your business is pretty busy, with back-to-back clients, and you are likely running from dusk to dawn.

Your “miracle” will likely involve how to shift from trading dollars for hours and stop working so hard in your business. You may be feeling a bit isolated if you work alone, and you wonder how you can free up sometime and help more people without working harder. You’re investing significantly in shifting your business model, hiring additional staff and support, or leveraging your time by creating products to help your clients and new ways to service them, such as online programs.

Stage 4: You’ve decided to play bigger and want to move beyond just seeing folks in your community. You are exploring online opportunities to share your work, offer programs online/offline, or possibly train others in the model you developed. You are looking to share your message with the world and reach 10,000’s of people.

Your “miracle” will likely involve helping more people and connecting with people in a big way online and growing your list in a big way. At this point you are investing significantly in learning how to leverage your message and reach more people, which may include writing a book, or creating online and offline programs.

Want to get creative? Create a visual compass of what stage you are in and what direction you desire to head in. Use some luscious art materials or collage images and get super clear on your current place, then design an image that captures your “miracle” (Feel free to post an image of your artwork and ah-ha’s on the blog!)

Now all business are not quite that orderly, and you may find yourself with some actions in Stage 2 and Stage 4. However, there are some basic things that need to be in place, otherwise moving to a new stage may not be at all what you expect!

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What makes your heart sing?

February 8th, 2011

I wonder some days, why we as humans wake up, ready for more?

Are we just hardwired for continual cycle of wake and sleep?

Do we unconsciously rise out of bed in the morning with optimism, that today is the day?

Maybe it’s like giving birth, and we forget the trauma or the tedium of the prior day?

I hope in the moments of the day you find times to soften, allowing the slant of sunlight to grace your face,

feeling a tingling sense in your knees that you are right on track,

seeing your dog rambling across the open vista of the park galloping in full enthusiasm,

or rubbing socks under a mass of covers on a cold winter night.

These moments, small and fleeting, so brilliantly sign the song of my soul.

What song are you singing today?


Mandala Mondays- the late edition

February 7th, 2011

Well after a week of returning back from Sedona, I’ve spent some inspiring time playing with my art supplies, shaking it in NIA class, and belting out (my version of) opera. Nothing nourishes my soul like a trip. Adventure, nature, art, and healing – all balm for the soul.

When I return back from an epic journey, then I find myself thinking how can I savor the experiences and integrate them into my daily life. For me, it will be my learning. For now, I am grateful to have soul expansive memories.

What moments in your life create expansion?

How can you continue to honor that expansion in the small moments of your daily life?


The Art of Living a Creative Life

February 4th, 2011

Do you have this creative voice that is yearning to be expressed?  As you open up to the creative possibilities in your life and in your business you’ll find that bringing your creative, authentic voice into everything you do will resonate with those you work with.

You see, the more you welcome in creativity, possibilities, and joy, and the more you support others in expressing their unique creative gifts, the more abundance flows to you (the more money comes, and the more people are attracted to what you have to offer).

So close your eyes and imagine with the sense of your soul, and allow yourself to be guided…what is it that makes your heart sing? How can you express this passion in the work you are currently doing? What’s one shift you need to make (physically or emotionally) to welcome in more creativity into your daily life? What’s one thing you need to let go of?

I’d love to hear how creativity is woven throughout your life.