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What's Next in Growing Your Business?

March 25th, 2010

All right, you listened to all the empowering topics last week during the telesummit, and wrote down copious notes, and thought, “yes I can do that”…then what?

Life happened, work happened, things got busy, you got distracted, and all of a sudden you get my newsletter in your inbox and your thinking, “oh yeah, I forgot- I was going to do ________(fill in blank).

Okay, your human, life happens, we get busy, overwhelmed, and one more to-do seems just overwhelming. Or maybe you really don’t know where to start, so you’ll put it off for a bit.

Or maybe you are one of the so many people who share with me that they had taken action, created a blog, or implemented SEO for your website. WHOO HOO! I celebrate your steps, even the ittty bitty ones.

For those of you who seem a bit overwhelmed, and even for those of you who took action and are now wonder what’s next. I’d thought I’d offer some support.

Here’s a way to map out your vision of your business that’s authentic and congruent with your vision and values.

and you don’t need to waste your time with excessive business plans to do this.

1. Where to you want to be in 6-months to a year? Write about it, envision it, and become crystal clear.

2. Why is this so important to you?

3. Have you made a commitment to do what ever it takes to achieve this goal? If so, what does that mean to you?

4. What’s your step-by-step plan to achieve this? This is where you get very specific about what you are doing, the time it will take, the outcomes you desire, what support you will need along the way. Most people get stuck on the “how”. They don’t know what they don’t know, so they keep doing the same thing and operating under the same beliefs and actions. This is where most people get frustrated and spend years wasting time and energy, and often where they give up.

So how can you move forward if you don’t know what steps to take?

You can’t really. However, you can learn.

So it’s time to do some research and explore programs, books, and mentors who can help you with this process.

You see, everything you do should lead you into the next step. Meaning the next step for your clients to work with you, the next step you can connect with people after meeting them, the next step you can take to educate potential clients on the benefits you offer and how they can work with you. There should always be a next step.

If you take the time and write out your response to the 4 questions above you have yourself a map of where you want to go, now it’s time to take the next step and take action.

Depending upon where you are in your practice it could mean establishing your niche (that’s the foundation if you haven’t done this yet), it could be establishing your brand so you clearly convey what you do and who you work with, it could be creating marketing systems so you know what you’re working on and when, it could be developing your ‘signature system’ to help clients understand the benefits they get from working with you, it could be creating programs and packages to offer your current clients, it could be learning how to have a “connecting conversation” so you authentically enroll new clients into your practice, it could be designing your ‘profit pyramid’ whereby all of your programs and products are mapped out for the year, so you know what income you are creating and where to focus your time and energies.

Now it’s time to step forward and decide, what’s next. If you don’t know what’s next, how committed are you to learn and take action? It’s every action that you take in the right direction of your goals that will help you achieve what you desire swiftly. So out of the list of steps, decide what you’ll focus on and then take action to learn and implement it- really it’s that easy!

If you are in need of support and want to move swiftly to create more income then I invite you to learn more about the 6 month ‘Create A Business I Love’ blueprint for an authentic 6- figure + business platinum program

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Change is Inevitable; Struggle is Optional

March 22nd, 2010

If you are in private practice, this is a good motto to adopt. You see the belief that as a therapist you need to struggle and get paid minimally for your services, is truly optional. There is a beautiful liberation when you discover that you have these transformative and empowering gifts you share with our clients, which can dramatically change their lives. When you value your time, freedom, and the work you do, you create a space to consider how you can easily and gracefully bring these gift to others.

So I ask you to take a look at any of the areas you are struggling in your business (from getting more clients, to connecting more with colleagues, being paid well and consistently, to creating your niche). Here’s where you get to work your magic. Look at these areas with gentleness and curiosity, as you would another. What is the struggle telling you? Are there areas you need to let go of, things you need to do less of, more support needed, clear direction, less confusion? What does the struggle what you to know?

I like to use my art and ask the question and see what is revealed. Often using the art allows me to get in touch with thoughts and feelings I was even unaware of.

When you become aware of the struggle, you can make changes.

So ask yourself after doing this exercise, “What’s next”?

Then allow yourself to truly listen.


Celebrating a successful telesummit- what did you learn?

March 18th, 2010

Phew! What a remarkable week it has been following the Therapist Resource Telesummit. We had people all over the globe listening and writing in to share their experiences! Thank you. Here’s a well said comment from Dr. Ralph Wilson:

Thank you from this grateful individual; I am sure that you have received many notes of thanks. The telesummit has already been worth many times more than the Platinum early signup fee that I paid.

I am now busy into implementing changes and additions to my practice because of what I heard and what I found on several websites of presenters and others that I found during this intensively creative week. The event has been catalytic.

Thanks for your dynamic presence via the Internet. This is a deeply gratifying time to be a human being, we are activating rich potentials that are being unlocked through teachings such as yours.

Ralph Wilson, N.D., Counselor

What’s one thing of value you are taking away from the telesummit?  I’d love to hear what you learned and are implementing in your practice!



Client Connection Tip- What do your clients really want?

March 11th, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you create programs that meet your client’s needs.

What Your Clients Want

You  may have an idea of what you believe your clients want, but that may not actually be what they want. Most therapists are given the gift of seeing clearly where others need support, however if your clients are looking for support in other areas you may be missing an opportunity to serve them. So how do you find out what they really want?

You can ask and listen.

Survey your clients, interview your clients, interview potential clients, have them fill out self-reports, talk with referral resources, use community  talks as an opportunity to learn more about your client’s problems and what support they are seeking.

Simple strategies, however, you may be surprised at what you find, and you’ll also learn new ways you can create programs to support their needs!


Client Connection Tip- what's your expertise?

March 9th, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you establish yourself as the ‘go to person” when a problem arises-


It is necessary not only to help strengthen your clinical skills, but to help your clients recognize how you can help them. If you are a generalist, you do a disservice to those clients who are seeking someone with specialized skills.  Most therapist do not specialize because they are fearful that they will not be able to fill their practice. the truth is just the opposite!

To fill your practice it is essential to clearly and concisely state who you work with and the benefits they get from working with you. When you become a specialist you establish yourself as an expert, and your clients will seek you out and happily pay you for your expertise.


Something exciting is about to happen!

March 8th, 2010

There is this buzz going around about therapists looking to create consistent revenues and finding ways to let go of the dependency on insurance companies. I’d have to say a revolution is happening, as I read the practice building blogs out there. Therapists are getting tired of working so hard to get paid meager wages or they are fearful of leaving a secure job to create a private practice. Doubt and uncertainty have caused therapists to stay stuck; however, there is a undercurrent of change that happening and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

If you haven’t signed up, I urge you to do so asap and join us for the complimentary Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Over three days you’ll find tips and strategies to help you shift from a dollars for hour work week, relying in insurance reimbursement or an agency to receive payment, to learning how you can create a profitable authentic practice, helping even more people (and making more money too). It will be a groundbreaking, and fun, event you are not going to want to miss. I’m looking so forward to sharing this information with you!

If you haven’t registered yet, here’s the link


Client Connection Tip- to fill your practice effortlessly

March 3rd, 2010

I’m going to offer you tips to build your practice leading up to the Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14. Here’s a tip that will help you make instant connection and create an opening to invite others to work with you-


Speaking is a great way for people to get to know you, even if you are an introvert. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Speak to groups that your ideal clients attend. You will want to ensure that the audience you are speaking to will benefit from your message, so identify groups that attract your ideal clients.
  2. Use your signature system as your talk outline. When you create a signature system potential clients understand what you do and the benefits they will receive from working with you.
  3. Don’t worry if you are introverted, set up speaking engagements to as an opportunity to connect with your audience and understand their biggest fears, worries, and pains. You can use the speaking opportunity as a forum discussion to learn from the group and share a few insights and tips.
  4. Have a way to stay in contact with those people after they leave, beyond a brochure and business card. Because if they are not ready to work with you now, they may be ready in the future, so ensure you have a way to maintain connection.

Want support in how to connect with speaking groups,  build a signature system clients love, and  maintain connection after the speaking program? Fill My practice NOW system teaches you step-by-step how you can use speaking to authentically grow your business. To learn more click here.


Do you know how to create program and products your clients love?

March 1st, 2010

Ok- I just got off the phone with a client who was jumping at the opportunity to work with me in my therapy practice. She was ecstatic that she had found me, and knew that this was the exact service she needed to help her child and family make the changes she was searching for. So when I described the program she was already jumping ahead to ask me what the investment in the program would be.

Do you have programs in place for your clients? If not, you may be missing the opportunity to serve them in a bigger way. Just this week alone I created three new opportunities to serve my clients in a more comprehensive way. All three individuals and families were thrilled to work with me at a new level and were eager to receive the support I provided. In turn, I created new business and immediate income in my business this week-and in one week made more than most therapists make in 3 months. I share this with you not to brag, instead to inspire you to see a bigger vision of what is possible with you step forward into your brilliance. What would you do if you had an extra income of $10,000- $15,000? I bet you could think of many ways to spend that money on yourself, and with others.

However, you may have some money gremlins popping up to burst your bubble. Perhaps they are saying you went into business to help others, not to make money. Or maybe you are feeling like that couldn’t happen with your business. Or maybe you believe that I’m unlike you and perhaps all I want to do is make money and I’m not authentic.

If you are have any type of reactive response, then that’s a good thing. It means you are out of alignment with where you want to be with your money goals and there is a signal that you want something more. Wonderful!

Here’s the delightful truth. You can be of service and of great value to your clients, and get paid stunningly well! These beliefs can be in alignment, and they must be in order for you to welcome the money you desire in your business.

So when you decide to clear away any beliefs that no longer serve you, or your clients, then you can step forward and create powerfully supportive programs your clients will thank you for! Mind you, after I told the parent on the phone the cost of my three-month program she thanked me for being authentic and supportive. That’s right, it was of immense value to her and she could see the potential benefits of her investment (which greatly out weighted the costs).

If you’d like to learn how to create programs and packages to help you create a profitable 6-figure practice aligned with your soul’s purpose, then you are going to want to join the complimentary Therapist Resource Telesummit March 12-14

Learn from the experts how to create a therapy business you love working in, while help many more clients!