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Subtle Shifts Make BIG Changes

September 15th, 2009

This time of year is thrilling because Fall has that feeling of excitement of learning new things. As you note the subtle changes in season, like the shift in the evening light, or the slightly cooler temps, think about how there is a continued cycle of change. So we can gracefully follow the seasons and make changes in our therapy business or we can resist. When we resist change we become stagnant and complacent. It is by embracing change that we will continue to grow our businesses, even when times feel uncertain.

Life is filled with subtle shifts and changes and we know that these small changes result in how we live our lives. Think about the impact of eating too much yummy high calorie foods for a few weeks. You may start to see your weight creep up and suddenly 5 extra lbs appear on the scale. Or if you indulge in a daily Starbuck’s coffee, you may start to notice that your bank account seems a bit smaller (and your waist a bit fuller). These small changes, which really look quite insignificant, add up over time.

So how can you take the lesson of subtle changes and apply it to your therapy business to create a BIG impact?

1. Commit to making positive changes

Until you make a conscious decision to do something different, even if it only a small step, you will continue to do more of the same. And we all know what more of the same will get you… more of the same ( oh the irony)!

2. Start to take action to do things differently

For example you may dislike going to networking events because they just “don’t work”. However, you may need to tweak what you’re doing to make it work. Are you going to the right networking events, where your clients hang out? Are you going there often enough that you’ve formed relationships with others? Do you have a client attractive message that will draw your ideal clients to you?

3. Ask questions

Your clients come to you to help them make changes, but do you understand the benefits and value of what you offer? As therapists we take it for granted that this is our gift, but we may forget what it means to our clients to help them navigate their problems and pain and create a happier, healthier life. Take the time to ask your clients about the benefits they get working with you. You may see an area where you can expand your business, so you can help even more people make positive changes.

4. It’s time to play with others

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together (African Proverb)
This is a subtle change that leads to BIG payoffs. Why? Because we can’t see our own weakness and we can only envision what we believe. Others allow us to play bigger and step into a greater version of ourselves.


How do you define success in your practice?

September 10th, 2009

It’s amazing how many therapists are extraordinary clinicians, yet there is often a continious desire to do, be, create more. I know that feeling well and many of my therapist friends also fall into that pattern. Here’s something that I am discovering. Going back to my core, back to my center- reminds me of my innate gifts. The aspects of myself that are so beautiful, that they cannot help but shine. When I tap into this part of me, there is little effort, just pure connection and love. So I gently remind myself success is so beyond what I “do”. When I am aligned with this heart space, celebrating my gifts, I find that I am of greatest service to those I work with.


Help I need more clients NOW!

September 3rd, 2009

If you are a therapist in private practice then you know the feelings around these words. There is a feeling of fear and overwhelm as you see fewer clients on your schedule. We have all been there, and know that panicked state. Here are 5 strategies to help you through this phase:

1. Get back to basics—Connect!

Reconnect with those who refer to you and catch up for a cup of coffee or send them a hand written note. These gatekeepers are people who know about your services and recommend clients to you. If you don’t have referral sources, now is the time to start building relationships.

2. Connect with your clients

Connecting with your clients should be be done on a regular basis. This means sending out your newsletter, calling to follow-up, or sending out a follow-up note.

3. Become THE expert

When you establish yourself as the expert in a specific area you become the “go to” person when people are in need of the specific solution you offer. Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd, that is exactly how you will get noticed!

4.  Start thinking like a business person

When you think like a therapist in private practice you think of trading dollars for hours. This limits the number of people you can help and the how much money you can make. When you start to see yourself as a business person you can explore different ways to leverage your time so you can reach many more people and free up your dollars for hours mindset.

5. Seek support

Surround yourself with people who are at where you want to be. Stretch yourself by being with people who are a few steps ahead of you- meaning they are experiencing the lifestyle and “workstyle” you’d like. Mentors see what is possible because they are already there. Surround yourself with these folks and you’ll find yourself pulled forward into what’s possible!

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How to grow your therapy business

September 1st, 2009

If you want to take action and create a business attracting more time and money you have to apply the same principles you use in helping your clients make changes. We know as therapists that a client needs an outside perspective to help them see their blind spots and to introduce new ways to make positive changes. This may mean addressing underlying fears or changing thoughts, behaviors and consequently feelings. These are the same principles that make a business successful.

1. Get support from another person who is where you want to be.

Support is necessary to see the big picture and to help you identify the areas in your business that need improvement.

2. Address underlying emotions.

Much of what is standing in the way of your success is emotional. There are fears and limiting beliefs that keep you from moving into what you desire to create. Looking at these core issues is necessary to help you create a business you love.

3. Change what you are doing/thinking.

If you repeat the same behaviors you will get the same results. Now it’s time to start creating new steps tp get you where you want to be. Here’s the problem- if you have never been there before then you probably don’t know which steps to take to get the maximum results. Use your support systems to help you get clear on what it is you want and what step you need to take to get there.