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Niche your therapy business for success

August 25th, 2009

A niche is an area of specialization that makes what you do stand out from the crowd. Ironically many therapists choose not to niche because they are fearful of loosing business by being so specific about their clientele. The truth is just the opposite. When you do not niche you do not identify your area of expertise. Therefore, when the clients who are seeking help for a very specific problem look for help they will seek out only those therapists who are speaking to their needs. A parent with a child who has ADHD will seek out ADHD services, a couple having marital problems will seek out couples therapy, a person with anger issues will seek out anger management programs. When you dilute your message, stating you “specialize” in child, adult, and family therapy you will never be the expert that other’s seek out and you will miss your opportunity to create a successful niche!


Why NOW is the time to focus on creating successful therapy business

August 11th, 2009

The news keeps churning out stories about the recession and there is a state of fear and uncertainty about the economy. Now more than ever there is a need for emotional support. I hear clients and families being swept into fearful thinking, impacting their lives. Worry and anxiety has spread throughout the family system and there is a trickle down of fearful thinking. It is exactly NOW- at this moment, that individuals and families are in desperate need of our services as therapists.

Yet, many therapists are facing their own crisis. Seeing regular clients scaling back on sessions, watching their pay for service clients caseload wither, eagerly awaiting the referral calls that are seemingly less frequent. There is a feeling of desperation. The fear of , “what if”. What if I can’t find more clients, what if they stopping coming, what if i can’t pay my bills. It is this fear that is fogging the clarity of many brilliant therapists, who are desperately needed, now more than ever! ¬†So now is the time to start saying yes to your business, to creating a beacon of light that shines for your clients to see. If your therapy business in in a decline it is because you are operating under an outdated paradigm that needs to refocused. This refocus is on your client’s needs, struggles, and fears. When your marketing message speaks directly to your client’s fears you will find those people who are eager to work with you, regardless of the cost, and regardless of their economic situation. Now more than ever your services are needed. Take the time to asses how you can let your potential clients know you understand their pain and you are there to help, as a result your business¬†will flourish, even in these difficult times.