“Create a Business I love Blueprint Secrets" tele-seminar

September 7th, 2010

Are you a therapist, holistic practitioner or health and wellness coach who is ready to leap forward in your business to be of service to more clients, while creating a thriving fee-for-service practice you LOVE working in?
Join me TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th for a very special BONUS complimentary LIVE tele-seminar where I’ll reveal:
6 steps to creating a lucrative business that honors you, as well as your clients, PLUS I’ll hand you the 6-figure Blueprint Secrets to creating a BUSINESS YOU LOVE.
Want to reserve your complimentary spot now- you can do so here http://businesssuccessfortherapists.com/platinumcall/
Whatever your plans are for Tuesday I urge you not to miss this call. If you know me, then you know I share lots of valuable information- so you are not going to want to miss all this remarkable content I’ll be sharing!
During this call I’ll share:
  • How you are sabotaging your practice and you may not even understand why. I reveal to you EXACTLY what you may be doing that keeps you from having the balanced, successful, lucrative fee-for-service business you desire
  • The 6 core areas therapists, healers, and coaches struggle with that keeps you playing small and not serving the clients you are meant to serve
  • The “magical formula” that big companies use to create excitement, and loyalty, and how you can use the magic of archetypes to transform your business from bland to brilliant
  • What you need to know to have your business authentically stand apart from all the other practitioners in your field, so your ideal clients are drawn to you and your unique message. When you create this for your business you’ll never again worry about competition and charging what your worth
  • The secret of how you can consistently and clearly focus your time and energies so you can be of service to more clients. When I expose this secret you’ll be blown away at how simple it is to know where to focus so you can grow your business
  • Why having clients commit to continuing to work with you on a weekly basis is a great disservice to them, as well as yourself. You’ll discover the impact on your clients, as well as yourself, and you’ll be given the KEY to transforming your business and the results your clients get from working with you
  • How a big fear of almost every healer, helper, coach, and therapist has keeps you stuck, and hiding out in your office. When you shine the light on this fear you’ll be able to let go of its hold on you and you’ll show up in service in an empowered way that honors yourself and your clients too
  • What they didn’t teach you in grad school about reaching the potential clients you desire to serve. This information will get you thinking about your business in a whole new energized and excited way
  • The 6 steps to creating an authentic and profitable business using my Create a Business I LOVE Blueprint. You’ll get the insider secrets on the steps necessary in creating a business aligned with your unique brilliance you’ll wish you had when you first started your practice
  • Details about the exciting NEW “Create a Business I LOVE” Platinum Program you can be a part of and learn how to apply these strategies to your business to design YOUR 6-figure + business that supports you financially and spiritually.
Don’t miss out on this exciting COMPLIMENTARY tele-seminar.
Click below to get immediate access to the call information.
I look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the call!


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